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In life, the smallest actions can sometimes have the biggest results and
that's why in this video we are going to explore five simple habits
that can completely change your life for the better in just a few minutes a day.
Number one is doing the scary thing socially; this transformed my life.
You see, I was extremely shy up until I was about 20 years old and I only broke out of it
when I started asking myself, "What am I afraid of doing right now?"
At first, it was little things like saying one extra sentence to a cashier
to make that interaction more human then it was asking a stranger for directions —
maybe a recommendation of where to eat in a new area of town.
And eventually the scary thing was sharing everything that I've learned here on YouTube.
And terrifying as the judgement was, it turned out to be one of the best things I ever did.
So wherever you are, from super shy to incredibly confident, lean into your personal social fears.
You're gonna see a massive gain in your self-esteem and you'll probably attract amazing new people into your life.
The second life changing habit is defining your ideal before you get realistic.
Many of us do the opposite here; we start with what we think is realistic
and then we pick the best option from there so if you ask an unhappy accountant
what kind of job they'd like they sometimes talk about moving to a different firm
but they often don't even think of changing career paths entirely.
Unfortunately, the obvious and realistic answers usually leave us feeling uninspired.
Instead, get yourself motivated by letting your mind run wild and honing in on your true ideal outcome.
Now, to do that, you can ask questions like — "What would I do with my life
if I had 100 million dollars in the bank after all the partying and traveling?"
Or, "What would I do in this situation if I wasn't afraid of rejection?"
The answers that you get might sound crazy at first
but it's these kinds of questions that are going to put you on a path
to doing something that you truly love and not just something that you can tolerate.
Third is the most valuable habit that I've picked up in the last year and that is meditation.
Now, there are tons of scientifically-backed benefits — more rational decision-making,
lowered risk of heart disease, up to a 50% reduction in the stress hormone, cortisol —
but despite all of that, it was just too boring for me to get into it first.
Luckily, I committed to doing it for two weeks and finally saw some real-life improvements.
Now when I feel myself starting to get upset or frustrated,
I can catch myself and correct course more easily.
I feel more alert, more positive, and less judgmental of other people.
And now, instead of feeling like I should meditate, I genuinely feel like I want to.
Now, I know that it can be tough to get started with so I've actually partnered
with a really helpful guided meditation app that I've been using called Simple Habit.
I'm gonna share my favorite tracks to listen to plus how you can get started for free
at the end of this video but for now, let's get to the fourth habit
which is cutting out the little white lies that seem like no big deal.
Now, if you're a fan of this channel you've heard me say this before but it's so important and it bears repeating.
When you tell a lie, that's like paying with the credit card.
It makes things easier in the moment but you have a debt to pay;
you've created a rift between yourself and reality and that comes at a cost.
Now, sometimes you pay the price when you're discovered and the trust in your relationship is damaged.
Other times, you're never actually busted you just lose respect for yourself
because you know that you're not a person who values their word.
In order to change your life here, stop going deeper into lie debt; correct yourself when
you've let a fib slip out and don't act in a way that you know isn't honest.
Even though this makes things uncomfortable in the moment, it's absolutely worth it for
your mental health and for building a strong foundation of trust into all of your relationships.
The last habit is to stop listening to music that makes you feel like you're missing something.
We often don't realize it but music is basically hypnosis.
The lyrics influence our beliefs and the composition affects our mood.
So if you constantly listen to love songs that say having a partner is the most important
thing in life, you might begin to feel down if you're single and you might even find yourself
desperate to be in any relationship instead of just enjoying life as it comes.
In fact, a study out of Western Australia concluded that even though people expect sad songs
will make them feel better they often serve to further reinforce our depressed moods.
Imagine if instead you listen to music that reminded you that you are not missing anything,
music that puts a smile on your face, and makes you a person that others
naturally want to be around, you don't have to cut sad songs out completely,
just make sure the ones that you listen to on repeat are supportive of your happiness.
And you give the test of right now by seeing how many of your top songs
make you feel good versus bad — bonus points for starting your happy playlist
when you wake up in the morning and start brushing your teeth.
So I hope that you found these five habits very helpfulp; I know they've made a huge impact on my life.
And I particularly think that meditation deserves a bit more of an explanation
so I'm going to share a bit more now about how I have gotten the most out of it
courtesy of our sponsor, Simple Habit.
Alright, meditation. Now, this is something we know that we probably should be doing
because if you're like me you've read articles and how good it is for your mind and body
and you maybe tried to do it before but because it's boring or you can't find time,
you haven't stuck with it.
Now, I'm going to be sharing my entire system for what I have found works for me
to create genuine benefit and not that much time in an entire separate video.
But for now, I want to talk about one part of that system which is the guided meditations
that I have been using via today's sponsor, Simple Habit.
So Simple Habit is an app and it's got all different kinds of meditations
and the ones that I've focused on that have been most impactful on me
are meditations to create more positivity, joy, and gratitude.
These are the emotions that I want in my life.
I want to laugh more and I want to feel grateful for the things that I have
but it's very easy as an entrepreneur or someone with a YouTube channel
or whatever it is with your life because we all do this to focus on the next thing —
"What is the problem today? What do we need to fix and solve? What isn't going right?"
— that's how we advance.
Unfortunately, we oftentimes don't feel really good about all that we have already done
and it leaves us achieving so much but feeling very much emptiness about it
and an inability to enjoy it for more than just a few moments or a few hours.
And so these meditations are kind of like training for your brain to focus on
what is already good and they make you feel excellent and that translates to
going out in the world being more charismatic and just generally feeling happier.
So what I've been doing are meditations that are seven days, thirty days,
are focused on joy, focused on gratitude... and you can get this stuff for free
using our code below which is www.simplehabit.com/charisma.
There's tons of free meditations in Simple Habit, you get a free week trial
of their Premium Subscription if you use that link and that means you can go through
the entire 7-day joy meditation and see if you like it,
check out some of the other meditations, see if you noticed
tangible changes in your life which I believe that you will, and if you do, it's only
$11.99 a month after that to stay which for me has been absolutely worth it.
So if you're interested in cultivating more gratitude, more positivity,
and more joy in your life, my recommendation is use the free week trial.
You have nothing to lose; if you don't like it,
you can stick with the free version and just use those free meditations.
Go ahead click the link below www.simplehabit.com/charisma
and you can get started today; it's like 5 to 10 minutes in the morning and it's had a huge impact on my life.
I'm looking forward to sharing more with you about what I've been doing with meditation
in another video but for now, I hope that you enjoyed this video.
Thank you so much to Zeino for the excellent animation and
I will see you guys in the next video.
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5 Habits That Will Change Your Life

7336 Folder Collection
April Lu published on September 17, 2018    April Lu translated    Evangeline reviewed
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