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- Did you know marginalized people are suffering?
- From sexism.
- Homophobia.
- Classism.
- Racism.
These are our mothers.
- Our daughters.
- Our sisters.
- Our wives.
- And we need to protect their access to equal pay.
- Equal rights.
- And respect.
- Because of their proximity to us.
That's it.
That's the reason.
That's why we care.
- Yes.
- Yes.
- Yes.
- When it came to stuff like donating to Planned Parenthood,
I used to a very strong no opinion,
don't bother me with this bull crap stance.
But then I remembered, my sister goes there all the time.
My sister, mine.
My own flesh and blood.
Someone related to me.
Like this wasn't just some random woman, you know,
someone you don't care about.
This was my sister.
I like my sister.
That's when I realized.
- Come on.
- [Sister] No.
- Maybe there's some good
to this whole women's rights thing.
- When I got invited to my first airport protest,
I thought no way I'm busy.
There's a big game today.
But the I remembered, wait my wife
is brown.
- Yeah it took some convincing,
but I finally got through to him
that yes, I'm brown,
and don't want to be harassed at the airport.
- And because she's my wife and for no other reason at all,
I'll support whatever discrimination she doesn't like.
- I don't like any discrimination.
- Now I know what you're thinking.
Women are people?
But yeah they are.
They're our friends.
- Our cousins.
- Our lovers.
- Our lovers' cousins.
- Our secretaries.
- And those individuals by virtue of the fact
that we know them and they are therefore in our orbit
deserve rights.
- Deserve rights. - Deserve rights.
- For the most part deserve rights.
- Think about it like this.
Pretend you don't know a woman.
It's pretty easy to say fuck her, she can die.
I don't care.
But now pretend you do know her.
- It's my mommy.
- Makes you think doesn't it?
- Makes you think. - Makes me think.
- Every time we beg for our rights.
Every time we march the streets.
Just remember I'm a human being that exists in the world.
I deserve your respect, your ear,
and I'm literally married to you.
God Jesus.
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Support Women (If You Know One)

101 Folder Collection
Liang Chen published on August 20, 2018
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