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Today we are boosting our vocabulary and learning
100 academic verbs this will be particularly

useful for college and university students.
Rather than reading out a list, I'm going

to try to INCORPORATE all of these verbs into
my sentences, and then when I say an academic

verb I will REVEAL it up here along with the
definition. This lesson is brought to you

in collaboration with Chapter. Chapter PROVIDE
a unique living experience for students from

across the globe. This is far beyond the the
types of student accommodation I encountered

during my time at uni, which I can only CHARACTERISE
as dark, musty, dwellings which were not fit

for human habitation. If I had the choice
then I would definitely CHOOSE Chapter. And

if you are planning to STUDY at a university
in London then I SUGGEST you CONSIDER staying

in one of the ten accommodations that Chapter
have to offer. These are LOCATED in some of

the best places across London, including:

and LEWISHAM, which is where we are right

now. And if Chapter will PERMIT us to VIEW
then I can show you how those who SELECT this

fabulous accommodation will BENEFIT.
Just to CLARIFY this is Chapter's Lewisham
accommodation. There are plenty of reasons

for you to BASE yourself here. Lewisham is
a diverse creative and energetic area in south

east London with excellent transport links,
and that just HIGHLIGHTS one of the benefits

of living within zones 1 & 2. I had a 60 minute
commute from my dingy digs in zone 6 to uni

which negatively AFFECTED my overall experience
because that time spent on the underground

could have been ALLOCATED to focussed study
or vital socialising. But staying in these

lovely Lewisham digs will ENSURE you don't
have to EXPERIENCE the dreaded commute I had

to endure. It's only 8 mins on the train
into London Bridge for easy access to all

uni's, 8 mins on a bus to Goldsmiths University,
and 17 mins via the DLR to the University

of Greenwich.
This facility is truly awesome. Imagine if
you could DESIGN a building that will SUPPLY

not only a comfortable place to live but SUPPORT
your studies and IMPROVE your lifestyle….…

Well Chapter has done exactly that. Allow
me to OUTLINE what they have to offer.

Here you can OBTAIN a shared apartment or
private studio, and whichever you choose I

PREDICT you will be very happy. There's
a big comfy bed, and I PROPOSE that you use

it to get plenty of sleep to help PROMOTE
a healthy lifestyle balance. Let me DEMONSTRATE!

that ladies and gentlemen REFLECTS how tired
I was at uni, I worked so hard!

ACHIEVE top marks by EMPLOYING this study
area to produce your best work, and PERFORM

to the best of your ability.
You can ESTABLISH yourself as the on-site

Jamie Oliver and INCREASE your popularity
by using these wonderful kitchen facilities,

though if you're anything like me you will
have a knack for DESTROYING even the most

basic of meals.
Of course we also have a much needed shower

to ELIMINATE any odours and a loo, just remember
to REPLACE the toilet roll. It's so nice

in here, it really does ALTER my perception
of student living. In fact I may just REMAIN

here for good.
Prices start at Chapter Lewisham from £224
per week which in my opinion is super cheap,

and however you plan to FINANCE your student
lifestyle you can rest assured that Chapter

will EXCEED expectation as far as quality
accommodation goes. If I COMPARE the overpriced

flat I stayed in during my uni days, it doesn't
even come close in terms of quality. Places

are available for this September so if you
are looking for an incredible place to live

then you need look no further then Lewisham,
let me EXPLAIN.

Chapter AIM to create a full student experience,
providing a range of additional facilitates

and benefits to AID and ASSIST study, social
and daily living.

There's a resident laundry so you can REMOVE
those tough ketchup stains and SUSTAIN that

'Freshly Washed' smell.
MEASURE your level of skill by PARTICIPATING

in a game of billiards or shuffleboard in
the games room. ATTEMPT to AQUIRE and MAINTAIN

a healthy fitness level in the private resident
gym. I don't know about you but I cannot

FUNCTION properly without regular exercise,
and I also GAIN weight very quickly. And if

you are partial to a kebab or two then you
may end up DEPENDING on the gym, just don't

DAMAGE yourself by overdoing it. Their 200MB
dual-band WiFi will FACILITATE your need for

a strong internet connection, to watch youtube
of course, a platform which can SOLVE any

If you struggle to CONCENTRATE in your own

quarters and you have a difficult essay to
WRITE or an assignment to TACKLE then you

can access a communal but private study space,
and that might help you to FOCUS. However

if you FAVOUR working in groups and want to
CONNECT with your fellow students then, if

I can DIRECT your attention over here, simply
head over to the group study space.

It's important to NOTE that students can
AVOID missing their favourite tv shows by

making use of the cosy TV room, complete with
Sky TV.

If you POSSESS a bicycle and plan to ride
to University, then you will SEEK a safe place

to store it, well look no further.
Finally Chapter REINFORCE a sense of security

with a 24hr team on site and students will
REQUIRE a pass to get in and out.

Having EMPHASISED the features of this accommodation,
I should tell you that each Chapter property

across London is unique and their benefits
VARY, so there's something for everyone.

For example, you may be OVERCOME with awe
at Chapter Spitalfields 32nd floor bar or

33rd floor library which offer stunning panoramic
views across London, and their loft studios

overlooking the city.
A sky lounge overlooking the London Eye CONTRIBUTES

to the charm of Chapter South Bank. If you
would rather be in west London then CLAIM

a spot at Chapter Portobello, in a lovely
spot next to the canal. Or COMPETE to get

your hands on a place in their newest property
in White City, offering rooms from just £199

per week. And features DIFFER further with
sites in the North and East, including a private

cinema at Highbury.
Chapter is not just a place to live, but it's
a whole lifestyle which will help you to ADAPT

to London living and ADOPT a whole community
of friends through some of the many Chapter

organised events.
Once you IDENTIFY which is the best Chapter

for you and book a room you become a member
of Chapter, which means you can use all the

amenities and attend the events at all ten Chapters
across London.

To CONCLUDE, let me SUMMARISE. Student accommodation
has EVOLVED! Chapter is offering what I can

only DESCRIBE as high end student living.
And if I have EXPRESSED myself accurately

and you are in need of student accommodation
in London then why not ACCEPT my invitation

to click on the link in the description below
and ASSIGN some time to finding out more about

Chapter. And if you have any queries then
simply sending them a message, giving them

a call, or using their live chat function
on their website will YIELD some answers.

Was that 100 verbs?….no 8 short. Ah for
fear of you LABELLING me a bad teacher, which

would CAUSE me great distress, let me complete
the list. My determination comes not only

from my need to fulfil a promise but DERIVES
from a desire to help and educate. I want

to GENERATE useful content which COINCIDES
with my hope to INDUCE a sense of fun. Ah

two left….I should DIVIDE them into two
sentences. No I REJECT that idea!

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Academic Vocabulary University Students Must Know

270 Folder Collection
蔡天羽 published on August 20, 2018
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