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  • I remember my dad when I was 16. My dad comes to me and goes,

  • "Son,

  • one day,

  • you won't be in school anymore."

  • I was like, "I'm gonna graduate?"

  • "No, son."

  • "Focus, son. Focus, focus. Come on."

  • "That is never going to happen, okay?"

  • "When you're not in school, you're going to need to get a job."

  • I was like, "Of course I'm gonna get a job. I'm not a freeloader!"

  • I go, "If you know anybody hiring,

  • let me know."

  • He goes, "Well, the airport is hiring."

  • Here's, here's how dumb I was. My dad said the airport was hiring,

  • and I was like, "Oh my god, my dad wants me to be a pilot!"

  • And I was like, "Dad you want me to be a pilot. Oh my God son. No no no my God no oh

  • My God oh my lanta no no no no. Oh my god. Son, you are far too stupid for that job

  • People's lives are at stake", And what the hell am I gonna do at the airport my dad goes "Baggage handlerrr!"

  • What the hell is a baggage handler my dad sells the shit out of it to me

  • "What's a baggage handler? Son let me tell you something okay?"

  • these people are an integral part

  • of millions of peoples travel plans throughout the year

  • I was like, "Damn!"

  • "Well, what is their job entail?"

  • "Basically"

  • "Baggage handlers job is, you take the baggage and you "putt" it on the plane?"

  • "What-what do I do?" "You take the baggage and you "putt" it on the plane"

  • I "putt" it on the plane?"

  • "You putt it on the plane!"

  • "I putt it?" "You put it"

  • "Like putt?" "Like put"

  • like

  • "Don't be stupid, okay? That's putting"

  • "Focus son, focus, focus!"

  • I said, "Dad. I wanna be a break dancer" "Son, son. You can dance, on your break"

I remember my dad when I was 16. My dad comes to me and goes,

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"Working at the Airport" | Russell Peters - Almost Famous

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