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  • Hey there and welcome to

  • Life Noggin.

  • While my animator can delete me with a few keystrokes, hey watch it buddy, it can be

  • quite a bit more complex to bring an end to the human world as you know it.

  • At the risk of being super morbid, let's take a look at just how the last scenes in

  • our movie about humanity might play out.

  • I just hope there's a sequelor at least an after credits scene.

  • Ya know for earth 2.

  • We know the effects of global warming and climate change are scary and are going to

  • affect our future but global climate change has already affected the world in many observable

  • ways, from loss of sea ice, to the accelerated rise of the sea level, to shifting plant and

  • animal ranges.

  • But if global warming doesn't bring an end to the world, then what might it cause the

  • world to look like for generations down the road?

  • Future human youngsters might have to deal with long term effects of global climate change

  • like increasing temperatures, greater occurrences of heat waves and droughts, stronger and more

  • intense hurricanes, and the Arctic Ocean becoming free of ice.

  • In fact, the sea level is supposed to rise 1-4 feet by 2100, further increasing flooding

  • in many parts of the world.

  • Maybe we should let the future humans know they should try and learn how to live underwater

  • or at least get some cool snorkel gear.

  • Going even further, life for the next generations might be riddled with other complications

  • of climate change like famine and social or political instability.

  • But life in the future might not be all bad!

  • One thing humanity always seems to be good at, and I'm a little biased here, is creating

  • wonderful new technologies!

  • A type of technology that future generations might have as part of their lives are brain

  • implants that could allow people to connect to the internet.

  • Even the modern marvel Elon Musk is on board with his recent launch of the company Neuralink.

  • This startup company aims to create what Musk callsneural lace”, which would be technology

  • that's built into the brain that could create a wireless interface between human noggins

  • and computers.

  • There also still seems to be a push for flying cars to be a part of our future.

  • While there may be some safety and practicality issues, a study from the University of Michigan

  • found that two thirds of Americans want to ride in or operate their own airborne vehicle.

  • Uber seems to want to capitalize on that desire with Uber Elevate, which has hopes to one

  • day have a force of VTOL aircrafts, orvertical take-off and landingvehicles, for urban

  • transportation.

  • You humans sure do love the idea of flying!

  • I don't meant to brag, but I can teleport.

  • So what potential future technology interests you the most?

  • Let me know down in those comments!

  • Make sure you come back every Monday for a brand new video.

  • As always, I'm Blocko and this has been Life Noggin.

  • Don't forget to keep on thinking!

Hey there and welcome to

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