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Now I thought I'd share some of my favorite
"why I'm single" stories from you guys.
Here we go. This first one's from @RickyP3rd
He says, "I took a girl to the movies for our first date. She leaned in for a kiss, so I leaned in too, but then I accidentally sneezed in her face."
-RickyP3rd... -Yeah.
This one's from @SweatyBetty.
[ Laughter ] -Well, there you go.
-No, that's not the reason. -Oh, I'm sorry.
That's not the reason why she's single.
She says, "I once walked into a guy's really messy apartment and said, 'Oh, cool! This is just like one of those places in the Febreze commercials.' "
[ Laughter and applause ]
[ Laughs ] What?
This one is from @tidewoddergirl.
She says, "I was on a GREAT blind date. When I returned from the restroom, I sat down and resumed talking. I got a confused look, then a voice behind me said, 'You're at the wrong table. I'm over here.' "
[ Laughter and applause ]
-I like this. -My eyes!
This one's from @Keirstinyo.
She says, "I once dated a girl who had the same name as my ex, but one time I accidentally slipped up and called her, 'New Brittany' to her face.' "
[ Laughter ]
What? -"New Brittany".
-The new...
You're new Brittany. Oh, gosh. - Oops. You did it again.
[ Laughter ]
This one's from @ninjamandr1221.
He says, "Whenever I watch a movie, I turn my hoodie around and use it as a bowl for my popcorn."
[ Cheers and applause ]
-That's kind of brilliant. -Genius.
-That's kind of genius. -Yeah.
-[ Chuckles ] God. -Like a trough.
-Yeah, I love it.
-Yeah... -Yeah, exactly, yeah.
This one's from @itsShyyyyyyyyyy.
She says, "A guy I liked said, 'Date?' and I immediately said, 'Yes!' He was asking me what day it was."
He's like, "No, do you have the date?"
-No... -Do you have the date?
- Oh, God. -"Date". Oof.
This last one's from @GrandpaBerty.
-She says, "A boy picked me a flower once. I panicked and ate it."
Oh, there you go. Oh, my God.
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5845 Folder Collection
kiki published on August 28, 2018    Amber Li translated    Evangeline reviewed
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