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Who's the baddest bad guy in Bikini Bottom?
Oh, why did I ever bother trying to be normal?
We're counting them down to find out!
What are you waiting for?
[music playing]
Tell the class something about yourself, Flats.
I like to kick people's butts.
Like, kick any good butts lately?
I'm gonna kick your butt twice as hard.
Out of my way, can't you see he's gonna kick my butt?
That tickled.
[music playing]
Holy oil spill, it's the Dirty Bubble!
Yummy sponge!
You cannot save them, sponge of mystery!
You don't understand, you're my most favorite super villain.
Can I have your autograph?
Oh no, oh, no, you fools , stay back!
[music playing]
It's none other than...
Dr. Negative!
I shall finally exact my exquisite revenge!
I just knew he'd make a terrific bad guy.
You did a great job with casting.
[music playing]
Doom is upon us and it's dressed in a red leotard, ayy!
I'm ready to rule the world, filthy shorts attack!
Ah, ah, ah!
Hmm, was it something I said?
[music playing]
Hello, did someone say Copepod?
- Run, run! - Ahh!
Together we will steal the formula!
- Crush Mr. Krabs! - Me money!
And rule the world!
That, Patrick, is the smell of defeat.
Good, I thought it was my skin.
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SpongeBob's Worst Villains Countdown (ft. Plankton, Flats the Flounder & More!) | SpongeBob | Nick

1684 Folder Collection
Yukiko published on August 13, 2018
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