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  • Answer the question.

  • Nah, l'm not gonna answer your question,

  • 'cause you guys have already made up your minds.

  • i'm an expert in rejection,

  • and l can see it on your faces.

  • And it's too bad that you judge us by the way we look

  • and not by who we are.

  • Just because you want us to be more like them

  • when the truth is we're not like them.

  • And l am damn proud of that fact.

  • Rock on!

  • l mean,

  • Harmon College and their-- and their 100 years of tradition.

  • But tradition of what?

  • Of hazing kids

  • and humiliating anyone who's a little bit different?

  • Of putting so much pressure on kids

  • they turn into these-- these stress freaks and caffeine addicts.

  • Your phony school demeans real colleges everywhere!

  • Why? Why can't we both exist? Huh?

  • You can have your grades, and your rules

  • and your structure, and your ivory towers,

  • and then we'll do things our way.

  • Why do we have to conform to what you want?

  • Your curriculum is a joke, and you, sir, are a criminal.

  • You know what? You're a criminal.

  • 'Cause you rob these kids of their creativity and their passion.

  • (ALL CHEERlNG) That's the real crime!

  • Yeah. Maybe he's right.

  • Well, what about you parents?

  • Did--Did the system really work out for you?

  • Did it teach you to follow your heart,

  • or to just play it safe, roll over?

  • What about you guys?

  • Did you always want to be school administrators?

  • Dr. Alexander, was that your dream?

  • Or maybe no, maybe you wanted to be a poet.

  • Maybe you wanted to be a magician or an artist.

  • Maybe you just wanted to travel the world.

  • Look, l--l--l--l lied to you.

  • l lied to all of you, and l'm sorry.

  • Dad, especially to you.

  • But out of that desperation, something happened that was so amazing.

  • Life was full of possibilities.

  • A-A-And isn't that what you ultimately want for us?

  • As parents, l mean, is--is that, is possibilities.

  • Well, we came here today to ask for your approval,

  • and something just occurred to me.

  • l don't give a shit!

  • Who cares about your approval?

  • We don't need your approval to tell us that what we did was real.

  • 'Cause there are so few truths in this world,

  • that when you see one, you know it.

  • And l know that it is a truth

  • that real learning took place at South Harmon.

  • Whether you like it or not, it did.

  • 'Cause you don't need teachers or classrooms

  • or--or fancy highbrow traditions or money to really learn.

  • You just need people with a desire to better themselves,

  • and we got that by the shitload at South Harmon.

  • So you can go ahead, sign your forms,

  • reject us and shoot us down, and do whatever you gotta do.

  • lt doesn't really matter at this point.

  • Because we'll never stop learning,

  • and we'll never stop growing,

  • and we'll never forget the ideals that were instilled in us

  • at our place.

  • 'Cause we are S.H.l. T. heads now,

  • and we'll be S.H.l. T. heads forever

  • and nothing you can say or do or stamp

  • can take that away from us! So go!

  • Go ahead!

Answer the question.

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