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  • Feifei: Welcome to The English We Speak.

  • I'm Feifei...

  • Rob: ...and hello, I'm Rob. Hey Feifei, listen

  • to this...

  • [PING]

  • Feifei: ...ok, interesting. Has your ready meal

  • finished cooking in the microwave?

  • Rob: Yes actually - but I wanted you to

  • name that sound.

  • Feifei: Errr well, it's a 'ping' sound - obvs.

  • So what's that got to do with today's piece

  • of authentic English?

  • Rob: Well, we can use the word 'ping' to

  • describe something else.

  • Feifei: I know that, Rob. 'Ping' is a short

  • sharp sound - like a microwave makes to

  • alert you that the food in it is cooked.

  • But the word 'ping' is also an informal way

  • of describing sending an email or

  • a text message. So if I ping you an

  • email, I basically send you an email.

  • Rob: Exactly and [TEXT ALERT SOUND]...

  • Oh, someone's pinged me a text

  • message. It says

  • "Let's have some examples, Rob!"

  • Feifei: That was me, Rob. Come on then...

  • I need to know the details of the contract.

  • Could you ping them over to me as soon

  • as possible, please.

  • My friend's just pinged me to say she

  • can't go out tonight so I suppose I'll have

  • to stay in and watch TV.

  • I'll ping you over the address of the party

  • and hopefully I'll see you there later.

  • Feifei: This is The English We Speak from

  • the BBC and we're finding out about the

  • word 'ping' which is an informal

  • way to describe sending an email or a text

  • message. And Rob,

  • I'm going to ping you something.

  • Rob: Oh yes, what's that?

  • Feifei: I'm going to ping you an email

  • containing a recipe.

  • Rob: A recipe? What would I need that for?

  • Feifei: You need to start cooking some

  • real food - you can't live on unhealthy

  • microwave dinners!

  • Rob: Oh right. And I'm pinging you a

  • message right now... Send!

  • Feifei: [TEXT ALERT SOUND] ... "If you'd

  • invited me for dinner, I wouldn't have to

  • eat microwave dinners."

  • OK Rob, I get the hint. How about tonight?

  • Rob: Great! But can you remind me where

  • you live?

  • Feifei: I'll ping you my address. See ya.

  • Rob: Don't forget. Bye!

Feifei: Welcome to The English We Speak.

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Ping - The English We Speak

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