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British battleship Nelson astonishes at first sight.
All her main turrets are located at her front.
This peculiar turret arrangement
was stipulated by the Washington Naval Treaty,
which imposed restrictions on fighting efficiency
of the leading naval powers.
British engineers had to experiment to keep the nine 406-mm guns,
which came at a cost of having less armor.
As a result, the British Navy got a heavy hitting battleship
able to shoot from almost all her guns
along her entire course of forward movement.
In World of Warships Blitz, Nelson is a Tier VII ship.
She is a large battleship, similar to the Japanese Nagato.
In addition to the three main caliber turrets,
she is equipped with six secondary armament turrets.
With so many guns on her,
there is not much room left for Anti-Aircraft guns.
This clumsy and slow target will be a temptation for any enemy aircraft,
therefore it is advised to have an allied cruiser nearby.
Due to the front arrangement of her guns,
there is little armor in this part of the ship.
Her citadel is vulnerable to frontal attacks,
which is compensated by increased health points.
Thanks to her nine guns,
neither U.S. Colorado nor Japanese Nagato is a match for her.
Not only are they equipped with smaller guns,
Nelson boasts higher High Explosive shell damage.
She can consistently dish out more damage per shot
and has a higher chance to set ships on fire
than Colorado and Nagato!
Now imagine that this monster is heading towards the enemy at full speed.
Nelson doesn't need to rotate her hull to fire from all her main guns.
She only needs to slightly turn
to let the third turret align for a full gun barrage.
Her frontal gun arrangement lets her always dictate frontal engagements
and force enemies to fire at her most armored areas.
Nelson does have disadvantages,
but these are typical for ships of her type:
low speed, poor maneuverability, and large size.
What would you expect from a battleship?
However, her guns are unmatched for her tier.
Nelson's guns are very good:
large caliber, high damage, perfect accuracy.
Also, don't forget about her highly effective HE shells.
An enemy fleet on fire is a magnificent view.
It's great to be the captain of Nelson!
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World of Warships Blitz: Battleship Nelson

506 Folder Collection
林敬庭 published on August 6, 2018
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