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This is Excalibur. A master of gun and blade.
With a balance of mobility and defensive capability, Excalibur is a perfect gateway into the incredible power of the Warframes.
Excalibur has uniquely balanced powers for offensive and defensive engagement.
Slash Dash forces Excalibur forward, ricocheting from one enemy to the next,
violently damaging them in his wake.
Or, use its mobile advantage for better positioning.
Radial Blind stuns all enemies in your vicinity, leaving them open for deadly attacks and finishers.
Even the best get surrounded sometimes. Radial Javelin launches deadly blades in all directions
skewering anyone in range, impaling them to the walls.
Exalted Blade is a devastating weapon. Every swing of your blade delivers a deadly wave of energy, hitting anyone in its path.
Its damage enhanced by your melee weapon.
While Exalted Blade is active, you'll be able to stun your enemies with every melee slide attack.
And if that doesn't finish the job, Slash Dash is more dangerous.
Doing extra damage, but be cautious of your energy, as it depletes while in use.
Slash Dash, Radial Javelin, and Exalted Blade are benefited by increased strength mods.
While Slash Dash, Radial Javelin, and Radial Blind all reach farther with ranged mods
Wield your exalted blade longer with efficiency mods.
No matter your style, Tenno, Excalibur is a formidable choice.
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Warframe Profile | Excalibur (Revisited)

55 Folder Collection
bingkuan0607 published on August 5, 2018
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