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This is Ivara. The huntress, the thief.
With her quiver of tactical arrows, she prowls unseen and strikes without warning.
Ivara's abilities offer countless advantages both at range and in close quarters.
Quiver provides a choice of four specialty arrows unlocked by rank.
The cloak arrow creates a dome of invisibility at its target, moving or stationary.
Protecting from outside attacks, Ivara and her allies become invisible.
Dash wire creates a zipline from Ivara's feet to the point of impact,
allowing for unique vantage points never before possible.
The noise arrow creates a sound emitting beacon that attracts nearby unalerted enemies to its point of impact.
The sleep arrow puts enemies into a deep trance opening them up for attack or more gainful manipulation.
Navigator gives complete control of your last active-fired projectile—or the next.
Speed it up by firing, or slow down by aiming.
The longer you control a projectile, the more damage it will deal upon impact.
Steal from the rich and give to yourself, Tenno.
Prowl turns Ivara invisible and forces her into a sneaking walk—
allowing her to pickpocket one target at a time while also providing a headshot damage bonus.
Artemis Bow summons Ivara's exalted weapon.
It fires a fan of deadly arrows, while charging your shot changes their orientation.
Using secondary will utilize the currently selected quiver arrow, perfect for targeting multiple enemies.
Strength and duration mods will benefit Navigator and Prowl
While Artemis Bow is made deadlier with strength and inherited primary weapon mods.
Prowl, as well as Quiver's noise, cloak, and sleep arrows are given a wider area of effect with the addition of a ranged mod.
And finally, duration will increase Quiver's cloak and sleep arrow's length of effect.
Don't roam around the forest looking for a fight, Tenno. Ivara is always on guard.
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Warframe Profile | Ivara

101 Folder Collection
bingkuan0607 published on August 5, 2018
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