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There was a time when instant coffee was considered
the height of sophistication.
And Nescafe's Gold Blend set the standard for luxury and class.
Nowadays, we've all become coffee connoisseurs.
It's a bit thin.
So it could be a bit stronger.
But the taste is good.
Pretty strong.
But I like it.
It's really nice.
It's not the best coffee I've ever had.
But it's not too bitter.
With customer expectations higher than ever before,
Nestlé, the makers of Gold Blend,
are having to adapt to survive.
We invented the soluble coffee more than 80 years ago.
And we have seen continuous growth for 80 years.
What is very, very important-- and why soluble coffee is
and will remain part of the life of a lot of consumers -
is that we continuously upgrade through new technology and keep
that product absolutely relevant to people.
The plan is to update Gold Blend's recipe and packaging
to reflect a more premium product.
We have seen a strong increase in consumer demand
for premium coffee.
And we knew that we had to step change Nescafe Gold.
In the new one, we have a mix of soluble coffee and roast
and ground coffee, which is ground 10 times finer than
normal, which is then added to the soluble coffee to maximise
the freshness of taste and aroma.
The ambition is that a cup of Nescafe Gold
should be able to compete with roast and ground coffee.
The new recipe has been subject to years of testing.
And so don't be surprised.
It's a little bit of a slurp.
The problem is that sales of instant coffee
are slowing in western Europe compared to the so-called pod
coffee or ready-to-drink varieties.
And given the range of out-of-home alternatives
at our disposal, there has to be a question
mark over whether a new recipe and some fresh new packaging
will be enough to turn heads back to instant.
But a Gold Blend reboot might not
seem so crazy when put in a more global context.
It is true that in developed markets,
instant coffee doesn't have much growth.
Having said that, soluble coffee's still extremely
relevant to the overall growth equation for Nestlé,
because it's still massive in emerging markets -
so all of Southeast Asia.
Japan is also a big instant coffee market.
Latin America - where you have billions
of people living - still, you have big consumption that
is made in instant coffee.
Today, every day 5,500 cup of Nescafe are drunk every second.
And this is in different forms and different varieties.
It's very important for Nestlé to get our coffee strategy
This is our largest category.
This is a fast growing category.
We are absolutely convinced that soluble coffee
is part of our future for a very, very long time.
With so much at stake, Nestlé will be hoping that customers
share their confidence in Gold Blend's evergreen appeal.
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Coffee wars: Nestles Gold Blend gambit

420 Folder Collection
歐小拉 published on August 4, 2018
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