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  • Hey Guys!

  • Before we begin, a couple things.

  • first check out non-360 video That ones more entertaining and gives a closer

  • look This 360 version is designed to be interactive

  • and gives you more freedom to look around Second, turn on 2k if you can, it's a consumer

  • budget 360 camera so don't expect to see FINE details but if you up the quality it

  • does help I kept the length short so it won't bore

  • you guys in one area too long, rewind a bit if you want to explore more

  • Right now we are at the Port Side Bridge Wing We have the remote panel, gyro compass repeater

  • and a nice sunset at the back or astern We are going at half ahead so the wind isn't

  • too bad, else we'll get a lot of camera shakes

  • The two radar antennas are running at the top as you can see, and the funnel is behind

  • it

  • The deck above Bridge is actually called the Compass deck, mariners we call it monkey island

  • Moving closer, above the door you can see the speed, rate of turn and engine indicators

  • for pilotage use Behind you'll see fire hydrant and a firebox

  • Going inside the Bridge right at the door you can see the SART, fire extinguisher

  • The pantry for coffee and snacks Some ships have microwave but we don't.

  • We've got an elevator that comes straight up, it's the green door

  • Moving closer in, we are at the center console Here's the critical navigation equipment

  • GPS AIS RADAR, Charts, Indicators and Controls, Thrusters Control, Telegraph and Steering

  • Helm Back there is the deck lights controls and

  • restroom Up on the shelf are admiralty publications,

  • some ships have it digitally, we have both digital and physical copies on the ship

  • Shifting the camera to get a closer look

  • If I can just get your focus onto me where

  • I am standing, this thing up top is the whistle and horn, its exactly what trains or trucks

  • You pull on it and it blast out a loud horn sound

  • Starboard side is almost identical, just with some fire alarms, general alarms, lights control,

  • wiper controls, Pumps and Cargo Hold Fan Controls

  • Back here is the Chart Room, we've got charts

  • and log books over here

  • Moving further is our Radio station, MFHF,

  • Sat C and Sat F, and including our satellite phone

  • So that's about it Let me know if you like or didn't like this

  • type of 360 video to complement my 2D videos If you do like it share with your mariner

  • friends and give this a thumbs up Or let me know any suggestions that could make

  • a 360 video more interesting.

  • As always thanks for watching

Hey Guys!

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