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This is the engine room (Workshop)
This is the engine room (Engine Control Room)
This is also the engine room (Shaft)
Today ima show you around the ship's Engine Room (Main Engine)
As always we will need some safety gear
most importantly earplugs because the Engine room sounds like this
There's a few entrances; the most used one is from Engine Control Room
So lets start off from there A good number of computer systems & control
panels are linked to the Engine Control Room so that the engineer can work their magic
from here
Through the fire door, we're into the actual engine space
Let's start off with main course, the main engine
The whole engine is massive, 4 deck high It can produce 80,000 horse power, up to 25knots
in flat seas Forget about puny v12 Lamborghini engine,
our ship is also v12 but the pistons rod alone are twice the size
of a human And you know what they say about large rods,
that the cylinders are even bigger
You might be wondering where's all the crew?
Well unlike the past or future all cargo ships now days, except for passenger
and military are designed for minimum manning
We are talking about twenty something people here on a 400-meter ship.
At the back is the fly wheel All that POWER is transferred to the propellers
through the shaft And the big block is what we call a shaft
generator At a high enough RPM we won't even need
to use diesel generators at all to power the entire ship
Speaking of diesel generators, we 've got 5 of them
Theres numerous machinery systems in the engine room
As a deck officer, some of them I didn't even know it existed
But I can definitely bring you to the few important ones
Remember my first vlog where I went into the duct keel?
As you can see the machines are placed in a way with only economics and safety in mind
There's no decorations at all, no room for luxury
The systems are in their pure raw metal form for simple execution
And the engine workshop is no exception, it's big and its well-equipped
With the workshop's equipment we can cut, we can weld, we can build anything we need
while we're at sea Not to mention we already have spare parts
for almost every machine on the ship Now we've been to all parts of the engine
room, except for one secret hidden passage way
Once the hero enter, there's no turning back
The emergency escape is at the bottom deck near the shaft
and it provides another means of escape other the entrances
Its quite a climb
Once you've made it to the very top you'll
come out onto the upper decks of the ship
So that was a brief tour
check out my Instagram as I travel around world and you'll see my live updates straight
from the ship Let me know down in the comments below if
you got any questions And as always see you next time.
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A Tour of Mega Ship's Engine Room

137 Folder Collection
吳易晉 published on August 4, 2018
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