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Do you have these 7 signs of emotional intelligence?
We all know what an IQ is
and that most of us fall within the average range.
We use names like smart, intelligent, dumb,
idiot and stupid when talking about
a person's level of intelligence. What
most people don't know is that we also possess an EQ,
or EI, which is our level
of emotional intelligence.
Emotional intelligence is typical to measure in numbers
because it is that thing inside us that recognizes emotions
in ourselves and others, then guides us to respond.
Understanding emotions may seem unimportant or trivial
but in fact it is the opposite.
It is widely believed by experts that
a person's level of emotional intelligence may be
a better predictor of success and overall hapiness
than their IQ.
What is emotional intelligence?
Having a high level of emotional intelligence
means that you can
accurately express your feelings and take responsibility for them.
People often say things like ''You hurt
my feelings and you shouldn't have''
which puts blame on the other person for the way you feel.
A person with high EI realises
the feeling belongs to him
and responds with statements such as ''I was hurt by that''.
Being emotionally intelligent means
that you can identify and manage not only your own
emotions but the emotions of others too.
It means you have awareness of your own feelings and
are able to balance emotion and reason.
You can recognize feelings and emotion in others and
show emapthy and compassion which is a crucial part of
all relationships - both business and personal.
For example, a good leader has the ability to
understand what motivates others and build on that motivation.
7 signs you are emotionally smart
Although emotional intelligence is not completely understood
it has become increasingly know that it plays a
critical role in our quality of life.
A person who is emotionally intelligent generally has better
physical health, a more positive outlook,
fulfilling relationships and is more
successful than those with low EI.
1: You can read non-verbal communication
This means you are able to look at someone and know
by the look on their face, the way they hold their arms,
their posture or etc. and tell what
their mood is.
2: You are interested in other people and their feelings and thoughts
When someone asks you ''What are you thinking about?''
it shows their interest and understanding.
Emotionally intelligent people want to know and understand
others and genuinely listen to their answers.
3: You are emotionally resilient
Bad things happen in life - you lose a good job,
your significant other moves on without you.
You have setbacks and know there will be more coming.
However, you also know you are strong enough to
persevere until better times come.
You do not internalize failure.
4: You know where you need improvement
People with low EI make the world believe they know
everything and can do anything.
When something goes wrong they put the blame anywhere but
on themselves. If you have a high EI,
you know the areas in your life that need improvement.
You are always learning and therefore always growing.
5: You are aware of your own feelings
You know how you are feeling, what caused the feeling
and how to process and deal with the feeling.
Your feelings guide you towards finding a solution
rather than shutting you down.
6: You avoid negative self-talk
When something does not go right,
even if it was by your own mistake, you do not
berate and belittle yourself. You are able to
acknowledge what went wrong and explore
your options for solving the problem, then move forward
and do so.
7: You pursue success
You have dreams and
strategies to make those dreams a reality.
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You set goals regardless of how long it takes you to meet

each one.
You deal with setbacks, adjust shortcomings
and know that the only way you will lose is if you quit.
How many of these qualities do you possess?
The good news is that unlike brain intelligence, our IQ,
emotional intelligence can be raised to some extent.
Part of our EI is innate, part of it is shaped by
environment and another part is our attitude.
Are you willing to learn to understand and conquer your
emotions? Are you interested in
becoming a better problem solver?
Do you want to achieve your goals?
Developing your emotional intelligence allows you the
opportunity to
avoid miscommunications and misunderstandings.
It deepens your relationships and helps you balance work,
home and fun in a meaningful way.
Remember - the biggest determinate
of success is measured by EQ, not IQ.
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7 Signs of Emotional Intelligence: Which of these do you possess?

226 Folder Collection
歐小拉 published on August 4, 2018
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