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Feifei: Hello and welcome to The English We Speak
with me, Feifei...
Rob: ...and me, Rob. Now excuse me Feifei,
I just need to reach over and get
a tissue before I... SNEEZE! Oh excuse me!
Feifei: Are you getting a cold?
Rob: Oh excuse me, I've just got to get this.
Hi mum, I've told you not to call me at work
I'll call you tonight. OK? Bye.
Sorry about that.
Feifei: ...Rob, are you going to do any work?
Rob: Excuse me! I am working very hard to explain
today's piece of authentic English.
Feifei: Excuse me? Say that again.
Rob: Yes - that's it - our phrase today
is two words with many different meanings
- 'excuse me'.
Feifei: I see - so when you sneeze or make a rude noise
you can apologise by saying 'excuse me!'
Rob: Exactly. And when I wanted you to move
so that I could reach for the tissues, I said
'excuse me' to politely ask you to move
so that I could reach them. A bit like this...
Example: Excuse me, could you move down the bus
please so that I can get on. Thanks!
Feifei: And what about that phone call?
Rob: Ah yes, I said 'excuse me' as a polite way
of apologising for the interruption.
Feifei: So you were being polite and then
you were being rude when you said 'excuse me!'
Rob: Well, I was expressing shock and disbelief
that you thought I wasn't working.
A bit like this...
Example: Excuse me! How can you say I don't do any
housework - I cleaned the bathroom yesterday.
Rob: And then you said 'excuse me?'
because you didn't understand what I said earlier
- as usual - and you wanted me to repeat it.
Feifei: Excuse me! That's not fair. Any other uses?
Rob: Yes. Here's another one...
Example: Excuse me, do you know the way
to the railway station?
Feifei: OK, that's 'excuse me' to get someone's
attention. Well Rob, now I've got your attention,
you'll have to 'excuse me' because I've got to go.
Rob: A very good use of 'excuse me' Feifei -
politely saying you have to go.
So, can you think of any more...? Feifei? Feifei?
Oh she really has gone.
Rob: Bye.
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Excuse me: The English We Speak

1307 Folder Collection
吃v的春天 published on August 2, 2018
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