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  • Neil: Hello, I'm Neilbut where is Feifei?

  • Feifei:… sorry I'm late! Is it time for

  • The English We Speak?

  • Neil: It is Feifeibut catch your breath

  • and have a seat. Are you ok? You look a

  • bit of a… mess!

  • Feifei: Me? A mess! You would be a mess

  • if you had been where I have been.

  • Neil: OK calm downand what's that

  • smell?

  • Feifei: So you think I smell now! I've been

  • to the rubbish dump!

  • Neil: The rubbish dump?! Why did you go

  • there?

  • Feifei: Because I was looking for Rob

  • earlier and

  • someone said he was down in the dumps.

  • Neil: Feifei, that is the last place you will

  • find someone who is down in the dumps.

  • It's just a saying that describes someone

  • who is unhappy, fed up and sometimes

  • feels there is no hope.

  • Feifei: Oh I get it! Being depressed or

  • unhappy is a miserable feeling – a bit like

  • being at a rubbish dump, actually.

  • Neil: Exactly. Let's hear some examples

  • Examples:

  • Don't be so down in the dumps, you're

  • going on holiday tomorrow!

  • Oh it's Monday again, no wonder I feel so

  • down in the dumps.

  • Reshma has been so down in the dumps

  • since her boyfriend left her.

  • Feifei: So that's being 'down in the dumps'

  • - feeling unhappy and miserable. So I've

  • had a wasted tripbut I wonder why Rob

  • is 'down in the dumps'?

  • Neil: It could be because his football team

  • lost... again.

  • Feifei: No, he's used to that happening. It

  • must be something more serious than

  • that.

  • Neil: I knowhe's feeling sad because

  • he's not presenting this wonderful

  • programme with youit's such a great

  • script isn't it!

  • Feifei: There's only one place for this

  • script Neilin the dump!

  • Neil: Ha ha, very funny!

  • Both: Bye.

Neil: Hello, I'm Neilbut where is Feifei?

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Down in the dumps: The English We Speak

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