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Emma Chárlotte Duérre Watson, known as Emma
Watson, was born on April 15th 1990, in Paris,

She lived in France with her parents Jacqueline
and Chris, lawyers both of them, till she

was 5 years old.
When they split up, Emma moved to Oxford with
her mom and her brother, 3 years younger than

her, Alexander.
He also works as a model and actor.
Apart from Alex, Emma has 3 half siblings
on her dad's side, Toby, the twins Nina

and Lucy, and two step brothers on her mom's

She is the eldest of all.
She did theater since she was a kid and she
participated in several plays at school: The

Young Years, The Happy Prince and Alice in

Apart from her interest in acting, Emma has
always been a very sportive girl, and she

also liked dancing, reading and writing.
When she was 9, her big opportunity arrived.
She did her first casting, recommended by
her theater teacher, for the movie Harry Potter

and the Sorcerer's Stone, and even tho she
had to go through 8 different trials before

she got the role that would give her world
fame, she had the support from J.K.

Rowling (the author of the books) from the
very beginning.

Finally, she got the part, and she turned
into the know-it-all Hermione Granger, the

tireless partner in crime of Harry Potter
and Ron Weasley.

For the next 10 years, Emma was very busy
playing the young witch for the 8 different

movies in the Harry Potter cinematographic

The actress loved Tom Felton, the actor who
played Draco Malfoy, because he was older

and had that bad boy thing going on.
From this experience, apart from lots of millions
of pounds, she takes with her a strong friendship

with her filming partners Daniel Radcliffe
and Rupert Grint.

They are like brothers to her!
During the breaks between shootings, she was
the protagonist of the BBC tv movie Ballet

Shoes in 2007, and she was the voice of Princess
Pea (pii) in the animated story The Tale of

Déspereaux in 2008.
As Hermione, Emma is very hardworking at school.
While filming, she would take every day 5
hours of class, taught by a private tutor,

to be able to keep up with her studies.
When the saga finished, she wasnt sure whether
she wanted to be an actress or not, but she

did know she wanted to go to College.
She enroled in the prestigious Brown University
and, after a year in Oxford, she went back

to Rhode Island, where she graduated with
a degree on English Literature in the spring

of 2014.
Emma Watson is the perfect example that there
is life after Harry Potter.

Far from being categorized, she was able to
balance her studies with the filming of several

movie, both independent and commercial.
My Week with Marylin in 2011, The Perks of
Being a Wallflower in 2012…

In 2013, she was the protagonist of Bling
Ring by Sofia Cóppola, and she had a small

part in This Is The End.
In 2014, she acted in the ensemble movie Noah
with Russell Crowe and Anthony Hopkins, among

In 2015, she participated in Regression, by
the Spanish director Alejandro Amenabar.

In 2016, she participated in the movies Colonia
and The Circle.

Emma is also involved in the world of fashion.
She was the protagonist of a couple of campaigns
for Burberry and an ambassadress for Lancome.

She always shows up flawless on the red carpet,
where she promotes eco-fashion.

The actress is a great defender of womens

She was appointed UN Women Goodwill Ambassador
and she is also the ambassadress for the campaign

In September 2014, she gave an stricking speech
about the necesity of bringing forces together

in order to end inequality between men and

Emma still loves reading and writing, she
keeps several diaries and she's created

an online reading club.
In February 2016, she announced she would
stop acting for a year in order to focus on

the feminist movement.
We saw her again in 2017 as a Disney Princess
for the new The Beauty and the Beast movie.

Emma Watson, apart from having an unstoppable
career, is a great defender of equality, in

politics, in economics and in society, and
she is right now also fighting against sexual

She is such an inspiration!
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EMMA WATSON | Draw My Life

389 Folder Collection
小巴 published on August 2, 2018
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