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Feifei: Hello, I'm Feifei and this is The English We Speak.
Rob: ...and hello, it's Rob here. Err, Feifei, I hope
you don't mind me saying but you look a bit
hot and sweaty.
Feifei: That's because I've been training
for this 'thing' that Dan's having for his birthday.
Rob: A 'thing' - what sort of thing?
Feifei: Well according to his party invitation,
he's having a knees-up to celebrate his birthday.
I'm not sure what it is but I wanted to be prepared
by getting fit. Look I can get my knee up to my chin!
Rob: That's impressive but completely unnecessary.
A knees-up is an informal way of saying
a lively party where there's usually dancing.
So he's having a party!
Feifei: Oh right. So I've been invited to Dan's birthday
party! Well, if there's dancing I still need to get fit.
Rob: That's true. Let's hear some more examples
of people having a knees-up...
Examples: Sorry I'm a bit sleepy today, we
had a big knees-up last night. It was great!
We're planning a knees-up for Dad's 70th birthday,
I hope you can come.
Now our exams have finished, let's have a
knees-up at my house tonight!
Feifei: So a knees-up is a lively party or gathering
to celebrate something. This is going to be fun!
Rob: Yes, there'll be dancing... Feifei: Good.
Rob: Eating and drinking... Feifei: Perfect.
Rob: And lots of celebrating. But this knees-up
will be missing one thing.
Feifei: Oh yes, what's that?
Rob: Me. I won't be coming - I haven't got time -
I'm up to my knees in paperwork.
Feifei: 'Up to your knees' in paperwork!
You mean you've got too much work to do
- come on Rob, be honest, you haven't been invited!
Rob: Well... yes. I can't dance anyway,
I've got a bad knee.
Feifei: Excuses. I'll let you know how it goes. Bye!
Rob: Bye!
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Knees up: The English We Speak

463 Folder Collection
吃v的春天 published on August 1, 2018
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