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Hi guys welcome back to my channel
This is Trang and today I'm going to talk about a topic that I saw recently
I really like this topic because I'm an English learner myself
and I've been learning English for about 3 - 4 years now
and I would love to share with you guys my own
English learning experience someday
if you guys are interested
anyways back to the topic
if you guys are ready, let's get started
For this point, it's pretty obvious that you should say
when did you learn the lesson
and why did you decide to take that lesson
maybe talk about your situation back then
maybe when you were really struggling with English
or when you just decided that you want to become fluent in English
you should describe a little bit about the teacher
what is his or her name?
where is he or she come from?
what is special about the teacher that impressed you
you should talk about the content of the lesson
what did the teacher talk about?
what did you learn from that lesson?
I mean was there anything that actually hit you
and changed your mind about learning English?
for this point you should describe how you felt about the lesson
how it had helped you on your English learning journey
would you recommend the lesson for everyone?
and now, let's jump into an example answer
So there you go
I think this topic will be very useful for you guys
because you just need to prepare for this topic carefully
and then you can use it for a few other topics as well
you can talk about a foreigner that you met on a train or a bus
he's an English teacher
and then talk about his advice about learning English
you can talk about a lesson that you bought online and how it helps you
and then go ahead and describe the lesson
and many more topics, for example
maybe that decision was start studying English
maybe how you overcame shyness when speaking English
you can describe when you taught English speaking skill
maybe describe how to overcome shyness when speaking English
all you need is to be flexible
and modify the content a little bit
depends on which topic
and you will be all good to go!
anyways, I completely agree with those advice on
how to feel less shy when speaking English
I do believe that if you guys want to improve your speaking
you have to practice speaking
there is no other way
I've done it myself and I really think it works
it helped me overcome the fear of speaking English
and I hope it can help you guys as well
so if you find yourself saying
remember whoever is an expert in anything was once a beginner
that's all for today I hope this video was helpful for you guys
please let me know in the comment section down below
what helps you overcome shyness and nervousness when speaking English
I would love to learn from you guys
and I will see you next time. bye!
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IELTS Speaking 2: Describe an English lesson

160 Folder Collection
ben published on July 27, 2018
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