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  • Hi guys welcome back to my channel

  • This is Trang and today I'm going to talk about a topic that I saw recently

  • I really like this topic because I'm an English learner myself

  • and I've been learning English for about 3 - 4 years now

  • and I would love to share with you guys my own

  • English learning experience someday

  • if you guys are interested

  • anyways back to the topic

  • if you guys are ready, let's get started

  • For this point, it's pretty obvious that you should say

  • when did you learn the lesson

  • and why did you decide to take that lesson

  • maybe talk about your situation back then

  • maybe when you were really struggling with English

  • or when you just decided that you want to become fluent in English

  • you should describe a little bit about the teacher

  • what is his or her name?

  • where is he or she come from?

  • what is special about the teacher that impressed you

  • you should talk about the content of the lesson

  • what did the teacher talk about?

  • what did you learn from that lesson?

  • I mean was there anything that actually hit you

  • and changed your mind about learning English?

  • for this point you should describe how you felt about the lesson

  • how it had helped you on your English learning journey

  • would you recommend the lesson for everyone?

  • and now, let's jump into an example answer

  • So there you go

  • I think this topic will be very useful for you guys

  • because you just need to prepare for this topic carefully

  • and then you can use it for a few other topics as well

  • you can talk about a foreigner that you met on a train or a bus

  • he's an English teacher

  • and then talk about his advice about learning English

  • you can talk about a lesson that you bought online and how it helps you

  • and then go ahead and describe the lesson

  • and many more topics, for example

  • maybe that decision was start studying English

  • maybe how you overcame shyness when speaking English

  • you can describe when you taught English speaking skill

  • maybe describe how to overcome shyness when speaking English

  • all you need is to be flexible

  • and modify the content a little bit

  • depends on which topic

  • and you will be all good to go!

  • anyways, I completely agree with those advice on

  • how to feel less shy when speaking English

  • I do believe that if you guys want to improve your speaking

  • you have to practice speaking

  • there is no other way

  • I've done it myself and I really think it works

  • it helped me overcome the fear of speaking English

  • and I hope it can help you guys as well

  • so if you find yourself saying

  • remember whoever is an expert in anything was once a beginner

  • that's all for today I hope this video was helpful for you guys

  • please let me know in the comment section down below

  • what helps you overcome shyness and nervousness when speaking English

  • I would love to learn from you guys

  • and I will see you next time. bye!

Hi guys welcome back to my channel

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IELTS Speaking 2: Describe an English lesson

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