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Hi guys, welcome to my channel.
This is Trang and today I'm gonna talk about
a very common topic in IELTS speaking test. It is:
So let's get started!
Part 2 of the speaking test,
you're given 1 minute to prepare your answer,
so make sure you'll cover 4 important points.
So which country you want to visit?
and where is it located?
In this part, even though the question is about a country you haven't been to,
you really should talk about a country that you HAVE been to
or at least know about.
In reality, you may have visited Thailand, China, Singapore,
but you've never been to Canada, Sweden or South Africa.
If you know very little about these countries,
you would be in a very difficult position to talk about them, right?
So, pick the one you know the most,
beside Vietnam.
The examiner is not going to
check your passport to see, whether you've really been there or not.
In this point you can describe the country in general.
Is it a modern country?
or a very fast-growing country?
or this country still remains rustic and traditional.
You can also talk about the people.
It's pretty easy.
You can always use this structure:
"People here are said to be very ... and ...; ... and ..."
But, make sure you always use the positive words like:
friendly, hard-working, polite, humble, open-minded...
Things like that.
You don't want to say something like:
“The people here are said to be rude and dangerous,
you shouldn't walk outside without being fully armed”.
It doesn't work out very well, does it?
With this part, you can just prepare 1-2 well-known places to talk about in detail.
For example, if you say you wanna go to China,
make sure you talk about:
the Great Wall
or the Forbidden city
If you want to go to France?
talk about the Eiffel Tower
or the Louvre Museum.
Disney World
Statue of Liberty
White House
Golden Gate Bridge
Grand Canyon National Park, etc.
You get the idea!
This part is like the conclusion of everything you just said.
But you don't want to repeat all over again.
Just finish your speech, short and sweet.
Now let's jump into an example answer.
There you go!
It's not that difficult right?
Speaking of difficult, I wanna share with you guys
one of my favorite Quote:
That's all for today.
I hope you guys find this helpful and
let me know in the comment down below
which topic you'd like me to cover.
See you next time. Bye!
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IELTS Speaking 2: Describe a country you want to visit

178 Folder Collection
ben published on July 27, 2018
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