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Hi there! This is mark from MarkTeacher.com with another high band IELTS example
answer. This IELTS speaking question is about family what are some examples of
rules in many families? Traditionally, in the UK, mealtime has quite a few rules
and the number one being no television and no phones at the table. As a culture,
we'd consider eating together as a time to nurture the relationships that we
have as a family. We can talk to each other, share our problems, share our
experiences, and tell stories without the distractions of modern technology.
Another rule would be that children should listen to their parents. This
seems like a classic one all over the world. Children should follow their parents
rules and they should obey them and if they step out of line, the parents have
the right to punish them how they see fit, and then the child should learn from
that and not make that mistake again. Those are two rules that come to mind
when I think about families. Check out MarkTeacher.com for more IELTS courses
lessons and tips!
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IELTS Speaking Answers - Episode 23 - Family

64 Folder Collection
ben published on July 27, 2018
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