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This IELTS question is about phones. Do young and old people use cell phones in
the same way? Not really. The older generation tend to use the most basic
features of any mobile phone. They probably make calls or send texts or
check their emails if they have that capability. Whereas younger people, I
think, are much more adventurous and they take full advantage of all the
capabilities and all the functions that a smartphone has. They tend to be the
first ones to download new apps, the first ones to try out new software, when
that becomes released - when that gets released. I think older generations
probably use the basic features because it's more similar to the technology that
they grew up with when they were young. When they were growing up they only had
phones and maybe emails and letters so they use the features that are the most
similar to those methods of communication. Want more? Check out Mark
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IELTS Speaking Answers - Episode 21 - Phones

50 Folder Collection
ben published on July 27, 2018
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