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Hi there! This is Mark from MarkTeacher.com, with an IELTS speaking question and
answer. This IELTS question is about tourism. Do you think that tourists
damage the environment?
Unfortunately, I think they do - both directly and indirectly as well. Directly,
whenever there are large groups of tourists who flood to an historic
landmark, a beach, or any natural area, there's always a lot of litter in their
wake and so that's an unfortunate byproduct of large groups of tourists, as well as
tourists who aren't really educated in taking care of the environment or
respecting the customs and the natural beauty of those destinations.
Indirectly, I think tourism can harm a lot of green areas or natural spaces.
Whenever there's an influx of tourists, or whether there's a spike in popularity
hotels, resorts, restaurants and the like, often appear as close as possible to the
destination, and that can mean cutting down trees, it can mean paving over
natural environments, and pushing animals away from their natural habitat. So
unfortunately, I think tourism does affect the environment quite badly. Check
out MarkTeacher.com for even more high-level IELTS content.
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IELTS Speaking Answers - Day #10 - Tourism

63 Folder Collection
ben published on July 27, 2018
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