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During the IELTS speaking test you must
tell a story about your life. Remember
the IELTS test examiner is a teacher
there someone who reads lots of books
and wants to write a book or it's
written one they love to watch movies TV
shows they love to travel
they love to explore the world of ideas
and the world of experience they are not
someone who's a doctor an engineer and
or an accountant with a technical
background they live in the world of
stories so the videos I do teach you how
to tell a story that's interesting about
your life
the general categories on the IELTS
speaking test don't change they asked
you whether you're a student or are you
working they ask about your hometown who
becomes famous these days
how has technology changed travel family
pollution traffic books you read these
are the general categories that stay the
they have to stay the same because the
else has to be the same for everyone in
the world who takes it over 2 million
people a year from over a hundred
countries so you know what the
categories are I can teach you how to
tell stories about your life that will
be interesting for an IELTS examiner who
loves stories that are interesting watch
these videos the video I'm going to show
you in a second is about a story that
you can model your own answer on think
about how I yes to the question and
these answers are from questions that
have been on recent is speaking test so
study hard and study well and be
prepared to tell a story and you will
get the score you need on the IL
speaking test so you can go to your neck
destination and so student or forward or
to emigrate to another country
The question is to describe a cafe or
restaurant when I think of a cafe or
restaurant that I like I'll tell you
about the place where I go and have
coffee every day it's owned by a great
friend of mine that I've known for 15
It's a coffee shop it's just open for
breakfast and lunch and I have my chair
that I always sit in so I can talk to my
friend I said that the run at the bar
right now where the coffee machine is so
he and I can trade stories I've been
going there every day for a long time
and I love this place because it kind of
feels like home other people from our
neighborhood also go and hang out at
this place or get the morning cup of
coffee and their morning bit of story or
gossip trading news about what happened
in the sports field or something that
happened in the world that day or just a
joke that they've heard recently it's a
little bit like a family gathering every
morning when people go there for the
coffee or to get something to eat the
food is great and my friend takes a lot
of pride and providing a great service
and an atmosphere in there he turns on
music that we all like and he has
newspapers that we like to read so it's
like a little club that anyone can go to
I really love this little restaurant my
friends tried so hard to make it feel
like home and it doesn't feel like home
for all of those of us who are regulars
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IELTS Speaking Test Answers - Describe A Cafe Or Restaurant You Go

145 Folder Collection
ben published on July 26, 2018
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