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  • Today, I'm going to talk about a sport that I've always wanted to learn but just never

  • had the chance to

  • which is figure skating.

  • I first learned about the sport when watching the movie Ice pricess on Disney channel.

  • The movie is about the journey of a teenage girl who wishes to pursue the career of a

  • professional figure skater.

  • After watching the movie, seeing how stunning, beautiful and graceful the actress looked as she performed on the ice rink really

  • inspired me to take up the sport.

  • However, this is certainly not a sport for everybody.

  • It requires great balancing skills, flexibility and courage to do all the jumps, spins, step

  • sequences and spirals in your performance.

  • Most athletes started training when they were really young and endured years of hard work

  • and even injuries to gain success,

  • so their talent and work ethics are definitely admirable.

  • This sport is still fascinating to me however

  • When I watched the movie, I was awestruck by the actress' elegant, glittering costumes

  • but I was even more dumbfounded by her graceful movements which made her look like a swan

  • on the ice rink.

  • I've since been keen on watching figure skating competitions.

  • Even though, to me, all the athletes performed the same stunts like dancing on the ice without

  • tripping, doing jumps and twirling, each of them has something different to offer to the

  • audience and all of the performances are breathtaking.

  • They never cease to amaze me.

  • In order to pursue this sport professionally, you need to put in hours of strenuous exercises,

  • but as I have no intention of becoming an athlete, I will try to find time to start

  • this hobby and share it with my sister perhaps.

Today, I'm going to talk about a sport that I've always wanted to learn but just never

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