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Teen magazine 青少年雜誌
Maxim (美國男性雜誌)?
What is up guys! 大家好!
Today we are going to play a game called "Heads Up." 今天我們要玩一個叫做Heads Up 的遊戲。
And I've invited a friend 我邀請到了一個朋友
from the channel, what's the channel name? 從那個頻道,你的頻道叫什麼名子?
Um…it's Ryan Ryan I believe. 恩。。。 我想是Ryan Ryan?
Anyway, so we're doing a collab. 無論如何,我們今天一起合作拍影片
you have how many subscribers? 你的訂閱人數是多少呢?
Um one. 一個。
Oh wrong person then... 喔。。。請錯人了。
There are many ways to improve your vocabulary. 增進單字的方法有好幾種。
Can you name some of the ways...you know 你可以舉一些方法。。。你知道的
There are a lot of people watching this video. 有很多人看這部影片。
I'll have to say playing word games. 我得說玩單字遊戲。
playing word games. 玩單字遊戲?
Yeah, honestly, you wouldn't think of it. 對阿,老實說,你不會想到的。
If you play word games, the words stick. 如果你玩單字遊戲,你就能牢記那些單字。
You know, especially if you get funny words 尤其次當你遇到一些有趣的單字,
you can really remember them. 你就可以很容易記住他們了。
You know, that's funny. 你知道嗎,這很有意思
because we're actually gonna play some word games. 因為我們今天剛好要玩單字遊戲耶。
How do you know that? 你怎麼知道?
What? No way! 什麼? 怎麼可能那麼剛好。
Anyway, so the word game we're gonna play is called? 所以我們要玩的單字遊戲叫做?
Heads Up, right? Heads Up, 是吧?
So, what does that mean? 所以,什麼是Heads Up?
We each take turns putting the phone to our forehead. 我們會輪流把手機放在額頭前
I will be given a word. 手機上會出現單字
And I have to describe that word to Wilson. 然後我必須描述那個單字給猜的人。
and he'll have to guess what that word is 猜的人必須猜出那一個單字
based on what I described. 根據我的描述。
And every single time you get it right, 每次只要你答對,
you get a point. 就會得一分。
So the topic we're gonna pick is 所以,我們要選的主題是
since it's summer now. 因為現在正好是夏天。
Alright, so let's do this! 好,那我們就開始吧!
Cheers! 乾杯!
It's a surfer move. 他是一個衝浪的動作。
It's a number. 他是一個數字。
six. 六。
It's two words. 兩個字。
A game is something man. 有一個遊戲叫做甚麼man。
and Blankman. 甚麼man。
Second part a number. 然後第二字是數字。
Okay, I don't know this one. 我不知道這個。
Okay, pass. 好吧,Pass。
It's a sport on the water. 它是一項水上運動。
where you're floating on the water 你會在水面中
going fast. 移動得很快。
Involves the thing that pheeewww. 有這個pheeewww的東西。
Like scuba diving? 像浮潛嗎?
You're on board. 你在一個板子上。
Punting? 平底船?
Teen magazine. 青少年雜誌
Maxim (美國男性雜誌)?
I don't know any teen magazines. 我不知道任何青少年雜誌。
Uh...blue character runs really fast. 藍色,跑得很快得角色。
Animal. 動物。
Um yeah the Seattle Super 西雅圖的 Super ____。
There was a basketball team, the Super 以前有一個西雅圖的籃球隊叫做:
Oh, Supersonic. 超音速。
Your favorite movie. 你最喜歡的電影。
American Pie. 美國派。
Time's up? 時間到了喔?
I'm so bad! 我好爛!
It's a sport. 他是一項運動。
Hockey. 冰上曲棍球。
Baseball. 棒球。
Soccer. 足球。
Surfing. 衝浪。
Play with your hands. 你用手玩的。
Basketball. 籃球。
Tennis. 網球。
So it's summertime 夏天的時候,
a lot people want 很多人想
especially like girls, women 尤其是女生們
Bikini. 比基尼
Beach. 海灘。
They like to do something. 他們喜歡做某件事。
Go to the beach. 去海灘。
Like outlets, you know. 像是大商店中心之類的。
Shopping. 購物。
Two words. 兩個字。
Shopping Spree. 瘋狂購物。
Yeah! 沒錯!
So, summertime a lot of kids 夏天的時候,很多小朋友
at the park and they like to blow 喜歡到公園裡吹。
Bubbles. 泡泡。
Yeah! 對!
Summertime a lot of blockbuster. 夏天的時候,很多的熱們影片。
Movie. Go to the movie. 電影,去看電影。
One word. 一個字。
Kids like to go to 小朋友喜歡去
Show? Movie? 表演? 電影?
A place. 一個地方。
Movie theater.
One word. 一個字。
Alright, so that was fun! 還蠻好玩的耶!
Oh yeah! 對啊!
I learned so much! 我學了好多喔!
See? I told you! 看吧! 我就跟你說。
It's such a great way to learn vocabulary. 這真是一個學單字的好方法。
Definitely. 當然。
How many words you learned today? 你今天學到了幾個單字?
Um...let's see. Three? 我看看,三個。
I'm glad to hear you learned some words today. 我也很高興你今天也學到了一些單字。
How many did you get? 你答對了幾題?
Zero. 零。
It's because of me. 是我的問題。
No, it's all good. 不,不會啦。
Thank you guys for watching! 謝謝你們的觀看!
And be sure to 記得要
We're probably gonna do another one. 我們有可能會再做一集。
Yeah absolutely! 一定的!
Awesome man! See you guys next time! Peace! 太棒了! 下次見囉!
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Best Word Game to Improve Your Vocabulary

71 Folder Collection
Wilson Wu published on July 26, 2018
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