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  • - How many people do you think will be left? - Ahh, I'll say 2...

  • I guess. I'll just throw a number out

  • If it's zero then... Hey

  • That's my life already, so it's cool

  • Instead of "Hello" I just put "Help"

  • Nice.

  • Alright, okay.

  • Okay

  • 3

  • 2

  • 1

  • Ah, alright

  • I think I definitely prefer girls who...

  • Have been in a relationship before

  • Or at least maybe a long-term relationship

  • Because they really kind of know what it's like to be in a relationship

  • And starting something new with somebody who's never had that

  • Is a lot harder

  • Honestly?

  • Fast

  • Wow, okay

  • Knocked a lot of them out

  • Oh god

  • Okay, we'll go for the clickbait first

  • You know getting experimental in the bedroom is always fun for me that sounds like I'm Christian Grey but nothing too crazy

  • I don't like like things getting boring. Not just like positions,

  • throw a little kinks in there, fetishes...

  • Cool

  • got that out of the way, I guess I

  • Ethnicity wise I have zero preference. I genuinely find beauty in like any race

  • or culture or anyone

  • But when it comes like physical attributes definitely prefer girls who are either a couple inches taller than me or shorter

  • I don't mind it when it girls a little bit taller than me

  • But if it's over like 2 inches, maybe I feel a little bit weird

  • Cool cool

  • Don't like it when girls believe in horoscopes

  • It's like the weirdest thing ever but I hate it when someone's like oh

  • I'm a Libra. I don't think we would click. The moons aren't aligned for this this month

  • So we can't really, you know, get bobba because we wouldn't click I hate that shit

  • Gods good man. Fuck. Okay.

  • I Like girls who are into the arts and like creative arts

  • so people who are already down that path when we start dating love studying arts, or

  • You know anything within that field career was that's something to talk about.

  • You know, I can't talk about accounting cuz I don't know shit about accounting

  • so definitely like someone who lines within my interests within the arts whether that be music physical painting

  • Acting camera, whatever

  • Sorry

  • Hi nice to meet everyone sorry, I'm motoki

  • Okay, nice to meet you Julia nice to meet you Heather nice to meet you guys funny responses that was was, okay

  • everyone's words are like fun, but also terrifying

  • I kinda wanted to shit myself that whole time

  • Does this mean that we are all compatible?

  • I was surprised at how many people had not been in a long-term relationship

  • Maybe I was too specific on my my dates

  • but that was kind of interesting just like, you know from the get-go

  • Yeah, I guess I guess everyone's true colors comes out as time passes.

  • I guess getting the few preferences out first is kind of nice

  • But I can't really say that I would want to get in a relationship with somebody based on just you know guidelines that I set

  • It's hard. I'm not a picky guy, you know

  • I'm a lover of all beings

  • That sounds fucking dumb.

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- How many people do you think will be left? - Ahh, I'll say 2...

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20 vs 1: Speed Dating 20 Girls | Jubilee x Solfa

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