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  • Hey what up guys! 大家好!

  • So, I've been teaching English for a long long time now. 我教英文已經教好一段時間了。

  • And recently, one of my students is planning on 最近,我其中一個學生

  • is planning on studying abroad in the United States. 計畫要到美國留學讀書。

  • And his name is Jerry. 他叫 Jerry

  • Jerry is an ESL student who wants to come to the U.S. Jerry 是一位想來美國的ESL (英語為第二語言)的學生。

  • However, Jerry has a big big problem. 但是Jerry有一個很大的問題。

  • So as you can see 所以,如你看到的

  • his pronunciation is a little bit problematic. 他的發音有一點問題。

  • And we cannot let him go to the U.S. like this. 我們不能讓他這樣子去美國。

  • So today, he's gonna go through an 所以今天他要經歷一個

  • intensive pronunciation training course with me. 密集的發音課程。

  • Alright, Jerry. Listen very carefully! Jerry,請你仔細地聽!

  • you're going to get into this training course. 你等一下要進入這個訓練課程。

  • And it's not going to be easy. 這個課程沒有那麼容易。

  • If you failed, you're gonna be stuck in the course forever. 如果你沒有通過,你就會永遠被困在這個課程裡。

  • Understand? 了解嗎?

  • Yes, but how do I get into the course? 了解,可是我要怎麼進入這個課程呢?

  • You're going to put on this sunglasses. 你要戴上這副太陽眼鏡。

  • Alright, as always... 好啦,跟之前一樣

  • Thank you guys for watching! 謝謝你們大家的觀看!

  • 00:04:34,560 --> 00:04:38,000 Alright, thank you guys! And I'll see you next time! Peace 謝謝大家的收看! 下次見囉!

Hey what up guys! 大家好!

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