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Hey, what's up creatures its em and I'm back today with another my pets react to video today
I'm going to be showing you how Dhabi and nefler my two adorable ferrets react to a variety of things
So I hope you're gonna find it entertaining
If you haven't already be sure to check out my previous
my pets react to with the goat that I had over for a day who reacted to stuff you can find the link in my
Description box below I that sounds really weird
I had a goat in my house and he reacted to stuff and it was really cute so you can go and check that out
if you wanted to
If you haven't already remember to hit that subscribe button down below
Become part of the creature crew and also hit that notification bell over there
So you don't miss a single episode my hair is eating my face if you didn't already know
I have a brand new merch store
So make sure you go and check out my description box below to check out all of my new merch likes my Grinchy
Thank you so much to all of you creatures who have already been into the store and purchase some merch and thank you all so much
For those of you who came all the way out to herps Conroe in texas to come and actually see me and meet me
And who brought cuddles and hugs and presents for Dobby and nifler thank you Zoe for this amazing taco
I'm going to be introducing the ferrets to the taco today
to Terrence taco
Terrence taco, there we go. Thank you
So it...just so you guys know not everything in this video is going to be pet safe
Which means I would not leave my pets unattended alone with these items not everything is specifically made for ferrets
There is one thing that my ferrets are going to be reacting to which might upset some of you so when it gets to that
I will put another disclaimer and let you guys know
When that's coming just in case you decide you want to opt out of that, but for the most part
I think you guys will really enjoy this video
if you do leave me a comment down below to let me know what your favorite reaction was and
As always leave a comment down below if you have any suggestions for any other animals you want to see react
To stuff and what you want that stuff to be look my hands disappeared. It's back
I'm so sorry
I haven't been sleeping much lately. Send help. If you're new here
My male ferret is Niffler has a pink jelly bean nose and beautiful little white socks and Dobby is my female
she is a lot smaller and has a smudgy brown nose and is very naughty and
She likes socks a lot
Let's watch Dobby and Nifler react to stuff
Hello darkness my old friend
And that's it for this week's video I hope you guys enjoyed it
Remember to leave a comment down below and let me know what your favorite reaction was. Thank you guys so much for watching
I will see you in another video soon. Bye
pst don't forget to subscribe
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SO CUTE! My Pet FERRETS REACT To Stuff (Dobby and Niffler)

651 Folder Collection
B.Y.l published on July 20, 2018    B.Y.l translated    Evangeline reviewed
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