B1 Intermediate US 138 Folder Collection
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The birth of the capsuleer.
A sacred act.
Immutable and profound.
Mind and machine merged.
Flesh fused with power beyond mortal limits.
United with destiny, a ship and it's heart.
They are one.
New Eden.
An oasis of life in an uncharted void.
A galaxy where power and wealth spur humankind.
Where four great empires seed the fractured renaissance of man.
Wielding vast fleets, they carve their ideologies into the stars.
The heroism and treachery of capsuleers is woven into the fabric of New Eden.
A story of industry, exploration and conquest.
However you choose to forge your destiny,
do so with heart.
New Eden is yours to shape.
This is where your legend begins.
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EVE Online - Birth Of The Capsuleer

138 Folder Collection
andy886999 published on July 17, 2018
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