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Let's watch some Recess!
"The Break In"! Alright, here we go.
Eww, this looks digusting! What is that, tomato soup or something? Bubbling and stuff.
Wow, that food is burning the spoon! It's like acid.
TJ: Now this!
And now this! This kid wants a revolution. No more of this food!
Let's go get some food! They're under the tables.
I think they're gonna, like, break into the kitchen or someth--oh! That's why the episode is called "Break In".
He's going in. Into the kitchen. Which looks very scary. Even though it's not supposed to be.
There's, like, a fridge called "the good food" and it shines.
Look at the security system here.
The scary teacher!
TJ has been caught. Wow, she's, like, humiliating him.
And he's, like, so proud! He's like, "Oh yeah! I did it!"
MISS FINSTER: No recess.
No recess! Oh, nooooo!
What is he gonna do?
She's, like, training this kid to be a snitch.
TJ is going crazy, 'cause he has no recess.
"We're all in this together!" That's very good. Friendship is great!
Alright, this guy's got an idea. Who are they gonna ask? The Guru Kid!
He's, like, meditating! "Consider the bumblebee." Okay?!
So he's, like, talking about bumblebees? Yeah, there's nothing to do with what they asked.
Why did he talk about bumblebees? What is this...?
Alright! Thank Guru Kid!
Another person asking for advice.
GURU KID: Consider the bumblebee.
This guy--the Guru Kid's answer to everything is, "considering the bumblebee."
Man, why are these kids digging? Alright. They're trying to find someone to help them.
Oh, wow! She's trying to go over the top of the swing thing.
It's really dangerous, this is not gonna be good!
Yeah! She, like, fell! Not good!
Okay, they're gonna talk to kindergartners now. She thinks she can communicate with them?!
They're just people.
Okay, apparently not. They have, like, this kid tied up.
KINDERGARTNER: Let's eat them.
What?! "Let's eat them."
SPINELLI: ...meet my good friend Madam Fist!
Or he's gonna meet my good friend Madam Fist!
VINCE: ...ask your royal favor.
Royal favor? Who is this? Who is this kid?! Like, wearing a--wearing a throne?!
Just 'cause he's older, doesn't mean he's a king!
I am the king!
No, you're not! You're not a king! King of the playground!
His royal mind?! You don't have a royal mind! You're just a sixth grader! Who thinks too much of himself!
KING BOB: Some dumb kid!
Some dumb kid? He's calling TJ "some dumb kid!"
Yeah, you tell him! Tell him! Yeah! He's nothing but some dumb kid. She told him.
Man, everyone's like, "I am a dumb kid, too. We're all dumb kids."
Wow, she's very wise. "If you ever call someone a "dumb kid" just remember you're a dumb kid, too.
The dumb kid should be free! Alright! Whoo!
They're gonna rescue TJ now. Great!
Ohh, that tomato-food-thing. That--wow! That thing, like, burned the door! Wow!
Where's TJ?
Oh, no! Now, they were caught by the mean teacher.
They are the best friends a guy could ever have! They're great! They're trying to save him!
Whatever happened to the diggers anyway?
Beijing, China?
They got to Beijing, China?! From digging at a playground?!
Kindergartners in Beijing, China? And they said the exact same thing, "Let's eat them!"
"The New Kid"!
Who is the new kid?
Alright They have a plan! They're gonna do it!
What plan is it?
Okay, so Gretchen's, like, distracting the teacher or something.
The key! And it's labeled as "The Key."
What is this key for? What are they planning to do? Ohhh!
They're trying to, like, change the clock so they can go to recess.
Okay. Is this gonna work?
Yes! The bell rang. Recess already?! Ha ha ha! Convenient!
Alright, class dismissed! Yay! Their plan worked.
Lieutenant? Why is there a lieutenant here?
Okay, they have a new student. Aww! Little military boy!
Aww. The new kid. He's so nervous, too.
Gustav. His name is Gus. Man, he's been to 12 schools! Wow!
It's insane! Must be difficult to make friends like that, if you change schools so many times.
Aww, these guys are so nice! TJ wants to make friends with Gus. Show him around. Tour of the school.
And there's a sign for the kindergarten playground that says "Danger!"
Aw, why is Gus crying?
What happened? Aww! Gus is touched that no one's ever been so nice to him.
Yeah, these guys are his friend! That's so nice!
What happened?
Ohh, the sixth grader is here! The guy who thinks he's the king. King Bob!
King Bob! You're not a king!
"Where's the old New Kid?"
Man, this kid is, like, excited. "I'm not a nobody anymore, I have a name now! I'm not the New Kid!"
"A new New Kid." Man, Gus is the new New Kid.
Now everyone's gonna call him "New Kid" and nothing else. Everyone's treating him so badly now!
They only call him "New Kid", they step on him, they don't let him sit there!
He can only sit in the back, as the "New Kid."
Wow! Even for attendance, the teacher called him "New Kid", not his name!
They're choosing people for sports? They forgot about Gus.
The constitution of the playground?! The playground has a constitution?!
Aww! So he can't even play sports with his friends. Tough life.
Even at home he's, like, "New Kid." His toothbrush label.
What is going on?
Aww, Gus! Don't -be-so-sad.
Gus is all, like, philosophical and stuff. "All we are is dust and wind."
Wow! TJ wants to give him back his name! Get some favors going!
Oh yeah, he has a plan. TJ always has a plan. Alright, Operation Gustav!
Hi, Gus! Alright! Everyone's calling his Gus. That's good.
The bus driver called him Gus, everyone--all the students in the bus called him Gus.
TJ: Nothing's going on, Gus.
Yaay! Gus everywhere!
They even made a statue of him. "Maybe I really do have a name!"
The sixth grader's here! Oh, no! Took down the statue.
Ohhhh! That's the plan! So they wanted Gus to prove to the King Bob that he's not a New Kid, that he is Gus!
That he has a name!
Alright, Gus! Gus! Gus! Gus! Gus! Gus! Gus!
Aww, Gus is giving his whole backstory. Sad life that he's had, where he's always the New Kid.
For the first time a bunch of kids treat me like a friend! Yeah!
Yeah, you listen here, Bob! Tell him, Gus! He's not a nobody! He's a somebody! He's Gus! Yeah!
Oh, he gave him his name back! "You can have you name back."
GUS: I got my name back.
Yeah! He's got a name back! Gus! Gus! Gus! Gus! Gus!
Wow! That kid had to be the New Kid for three years, 'cause he didn't say anything.
So lesson of the story: Everybody has a name! And you should speak up... that you have a name.
So that was the first episode of Recess!
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Alright guys, I'm Shamim and I'll see you in the next video!
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Teen Reaction to RECESS - Shamim Reacts

325 Folder Collection
robert published on July 17, 2018
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