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  • - [Narrator] Tucked away in Budapest,

  • Vajdahunyad Castle is medieval in look but not in age.

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  • Built in 1896, this architectural complex was designed

  • to celebrate the first millennium of the Hungarian state.

  • The buildings were supposed to be temporary,

  • so they were made of wooden planks and cardboard designs.

  • But Hungarians loved them so much,

  • they were rebuilt with permanent materials in the 1900s.

  • The celebratory site features copies of landmarks

  • from all over the larger 19th-Century Hungarian kingdom,

  • combining architectural details of 21 buildings,

  • like the Romanesque Church of Yak,

  • originally located in western Hungary;

  • or the Vajdahunyad, or Corvin Castle,

  • located in what is now Romania,

  • and more commonly known to fans of the Dracula myth.

  • It's believed that Vlad the Impaler

  • was once imprisoned there.

  • The name of the Romanian Castle ended up being adopted

  • by Budapestians for the whole compound.

  • Several Austrian palaces are represented, as well,

  • featuring a blend of Renaissance and Baroque architecture,

  • demonstrating the diversity of styles

  • that spread across the Austria-Hungarian Empire.

  • And just like the castles it's built to imitate,

  • Vajdahunyad is built to be defended.

  • It's accessible only by four bridges,

  • stretching across the surrounding lake.

  • For over a century, the castle has continued to be enjoyed

  • by Budapestians and tourists alike

  • who come to relish in this truly Hungarian artifact.

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- [Narrator] Tucked away in Budapest,

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