B1 Intermediate UK 4204 Folder Collection
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It's a big world, full of difference and diversity. How you see others is influenced
by your own cultural perspective, and how others see you is influenced by their cultural
perspective. What happens when you speak? Do people from
other cultures understand you in the way you intended?
And what happens with different cultures in the workplace? How rigid or flexible is their
approach to rules? Is formal or informal behaviour expected? And how do different cultures approach
time keeping? In todays' global business environment,
it is essential to learn to navigate across different cultural landscapes. You need a
good set of tools to do this. You need an understanding of how different cultures trade
and do business. An insight into how different cultures communicate and a clear idea of how
different cultures manage people. To be a savvy global traveller you need to
be willing to undertake the journey of understanding other cultures. Develop cultural intelligence
so you can communicate confidently across cultures
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Intercultural Communication Adventure with Little Pilot

4204 Folder Collection
Samuel published on July 11, 2018    Rachel Kung translated    Evangeline reviewed
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