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"confirm" "confirm" and "confirmation"
"confirmation" -- "to confirm something" is to
make something certain usually an
arrangement or a meeting. This can be
done via writing an email or over the
phone. So if we have arranged a meeting a
few weeks ago the day before our meeting
I might phone you to confirm that the
meeting is still happening to make
certain that the meeting is still
happening. If you make a reservation over
the phone, you may be told that they will
confirm your reservation via email, they
will send you the reservation details
over email to make certain that it's
booked. So confirmation is the noun the
email or the phone call which makes
certain that something is happening. And
confirm is the act of providing
confirmation, so when I confirm, I provide
confirmation. Confirm can also mean to
prove that something is true. For example,
"The delicious smell of food coming from
the kitchen confirmed that someone was
cooking" or "The police confirmed there
had been an incident on Friday night. So
there you have it "confirm" and
"confirmation" don't forget this is one of
many bite-sized business English lessons.
So do be sure to check out the rest of them.
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Bitesize Business English #24: Confirm

548 Folder Collection
Yukiko published on July 10, 2018
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