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  • Welcome to PointCast, by now, you've heard that our little birdie called GateKeeper

  • has already started flying. That's our testing phase that's going on right now.

  • To find out more about what they're doing, let's go talk to Augie from our maintenance department.

  • We're gonna run it six to eight ours a day, we want to run it

  • to get all the bugs out.

  • Operations is up there

  • their going to be up there running it. They're gonna run with one train, two trains

  • three trains...

  • we're gonna try to get all the bugs worked out

  • before we open to the public.

  • We're putting pavers down out on the circle.

  • where we also have

  • some shade structures that are going to go up

  • and pavers

  • and some planter areas, that's what they're working on now.

  • landscapers have started, so we're starting to put soils in certain places

  • we're planting trees..

  • we gotta try to get all those things in before pavers get in

  • it's a lot easier to do it that way.

  • Yeah it isn't running full speed right now

  • as a matter of fact we have two different kind of wheels on there.

  • We have some soft wheels, we have some hard wheels soft wheels will slow it down

  • for us

  • and that's done on purpose.

  • But we'll, as we keep running and testing

  • and working things in,

  • uh... will start taking softer wheels off

  • putting the hard wheels on, and it will run faster.

  • The manufacturer's gonna ride it first

  • Once they feel it's safe, they'll get on it, and once they feel we can ride it

  • then we'll get on it, our maintenance guys will get on it, we'll check it out.

  • We'll ride it - you and I can ride it!

  • How about you sit in the front, I'll sit in the back

  • and then you sit on the left and i'll sit on the right...

  • (Deal. We can do it all day) All day long!

  • We gotta check each seat! (Every seat.)

Welcome to PointCast, by now, you've heard that our little birdie called GateKeeper

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2013 PointCast #2 - GateKeeper Testing

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    ABbla Chung posted on 2013/09/24
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