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Welcome to PointCast, by now, you've heard that our little birdie called GateKeeper
has already started flying. That's our testing phase that's going on right now.
To find out more about what they're doing, let's go talk to Augie from our maintenance department.
We're gonna run it six to eight ours a day, we want to run it
to get all the bugs out.
Operations is up there
their going to be up there running it. They're gonna run with one train, two trains
three trains...
we're gonna try to get all the bugs worked out
before we open to the public.
We're putting pavers down out on the circle.
where we also have
some shade structures that are going to go up
and pavers
and some planter areas, that's what they're working on now.
landscapers have started, so we're starting to put soils in certain places
we're planting trees..
we gotta try to get all those things in before pavers get in
it's a lot easier to do it that way.
Yeah it isn't running full speed right now
as a matter of fact we have two different kind of wheels on there.
We have some soft wheels, we have some hard wheels soft wheels will slow it down
for us
and that's done on purpose.
But we'll, as we keep running and testing
and working things in,
uh... will start taking softer wheels off
putting the hard wheels on, and it will run faster.
The manufacturer's gonna ride it first
Once they feel it's safe, they'll get on it, and once they feel we can ride it
then we'll get on it, our maintenance guys will get on it, we'll check it out.
We'll ride it - you and I can ride it!
How about you sit in the front, I'll sit in the back
and then you sit on the left and i'll sit on the right...
(Deal. We can do it all day) All day long!
We gotta check each seat! (Every seat.)
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2013 PointCast #2 - GateKeeper Testing

1165 Folder Collection
ABbla Chung published on September 25, 2013
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