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I'm definitely a cat person. I think they're hilarious and they give me really good companionship.
One of the things I love to do is take pictures of Ruthie. "Ruthie!" She brings out the
creativity in me. She's like "What is this camera?" Ruthie is my buddy. When I
get home from work that's kind of like our time for her to be excited that Dad's home.
I've had Ruthie since she was a kitten. At first everything was fine and then she
started getting sick a lot. Throwing up her food, which really started to concern me.
One of the great things of working at Petco is that you pick up a lot of knowledge from
the people around you. So one of the things I came to find out was that her problem was
hairballs. Her throat was essentially raw from the stomach acid. So the two things that
I realized that I could do to help this was getting her on a nutrition that addresses
hairballs as well as getting into a regular grooming routine at home. Grooming was kind
of a new concept to me I was raised to believe that cats groom themselves so making grooming a
regular routine with them was really something I had to work out. Being a great pet parent
is really about staying attentive to the needs that Ruthie can't tell me about herself.
Now that we have the hairballs under control it's really gratifying to see that I have
helped provide something to her that really has made her happy that in return that makes
me happy!
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Petco Associate Spotlight: Ryan & Ruthie (cat with hairballs)

3888 Folder Collection
VoiceTube published on September 25, 2013
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