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(lighthearted guitar music)
- [Jenn] Which one should we get?
- [Amy] Abuela's pie?
Oh, Echo Park.
Do you like brownies?
- [Jenn] I do like brownies.
That's like two treats in one.
- Treats in one, yeah.

- [Jenn] So I've decided on
a strawberry vegan ice cream.

- [Amy] Cinnamon rolls!
- [Jenn] Amy got the tiny cinnamon rolls.
Are you excited?
- Yes!

- Hello everybody.
- Hi guys.

- Today is Thursday,
I'm with Ben and James.

- Yay, the dream team!
- Yes the trio's back.
We are heading to Universal
Studios and I'm so excited.

It's been a couple of years
since we've been there.

- Yeah.
- I'm actually really sick.
Yesterday I slept at 6:30 PM
and I woke up at 9:30 AM today,
and so I don't know how many
hours of sleep that was,

but the crazy thing is I still
feel (laughs) a little tired.

Yeah, I think it's just
this cold that I got

from Singapore or maybe
on the flights back.

Yeah, I'm still gonna trug along,
and we're about to
explore Universal Studios.

I am so excited to see
Hogwarts in the flesh.

Last time we were here it didn't exist,
so I'm so excited to get some Butterbeer,
maybe get a wand, who knows.
Universal Studios!
(man cheers)

It's Hogsmeade.
It's back to school shopping,
get your wands, your caves,
your owls, everything.

(man laughs)
- [Ben] Look at her happy and struttin' it
like a star, like at her, huh?
(upbeat music)
- I'll go for the slush.
It's not alcoholic is it?
- No.

- [Ben] That's why we're only getting one.
- Yeah. (laughs)
- [James] Can I get an extra straw please?
- [Ben] You got your Butterbean.
- It's Butterbeer.

- [Ben] You've got your Butterbeer.
- I got my Butterbeer.
You got the slush version
because it's quite warm today.

Let's give it a taste.
- [Ben] A slight pan in.
The moment.
- Oh that's good!

It's caramely.
- Does it taste like beer?

- No, not at all.
It's awesome.
It tastes like a caramel drink.
- It's good.
- Yeah, approved.

- That is a caramel.
(upbeat music)
- Holy crap!
So we just finished the Harry Potter ride
and it was surprisingly
really frightening,

especially, the whole Death Walker scene.
Oh my God.
- It was good.

- It was really terrifying.
- Funny, it was so much, different things
were going on.
- They really smashed in all
the Harry Potter references

in a matter of like two
minutes. (man laughs)

It was so crazy.
Alright, lunch is served.
We got two Mother Nature
burgers and one Crusty burger.

- And a Duff beer.
- [Jenn] And a Duff beer.
- Very healthy start to the day.
(upbeat music)
- [Jenn] Oh my God, he got one!
Look what they won.
It is Bart with a Jaws costume on.
How much did this cost?
- After $24.

- [Jenn] $24 later.
Over here we got some hair masks,
inspired by these fruits over here.
Do you know avocado is a fruit.
Betcha didn't know that.
It's us!
(upbeat music)
Thank you so much.
- Thank you so much!

- You're welcome.
- [Woman] Thank you!
So good.
- We put goji berries on there too.
- [Jenn] Yes, antioxidants.
Is it good?
(moans and laughs)
- [Woman] It's good though.
- Wow.

- [Woman] The banana
in there is fantastic.

You can't really do
fresh banana like that.

Oh my goodness!
Mrs. Alah Hendrix in Eggie.
- I'm obsessed with this jacket.
- [Jenn] Oh my gosh.
- Oh man.

- [Jenn] It looks so beautiful on her.
- I'm just not trying to
get it dirty. (laughing)

Shway, hey.
(upbeat music)
- [Jenn] I love you.
I love you so much cheeky girl.
(upbeat music)
- You're lucky I said barbeque Ray.
(upbeat music)
- Meeting went well.
The first meeting was just
kind of like a brain dump,

I guess, they just wanted
to pick our brain about

how the YouTube space was,
and then this next meeting,

that I just went to, was with the brand.
It's like very exciting to see my growth
especially, on a social level
because even like three years
ago I would get so anxious

over meetings, I'd be like (groans)
like I would think about
them the night before,

and I'd over think everything,
but it's so true, the
more you do something

the more routine it gets,
and the less scared you become.
So if something scares you keep doing it
over and over again until it
doesn't freak you out anymore.

I swear it works.
(upbeat music)
(inaudible over music)
- Hello, everybody!
- Hi!

- I'm here with the lovely Soso.
- Hello!
- She invited me to this
gorgeous Wysel event

and we just met Adam Levine.
I didn't know we were
actually gonna meet him.

- I know, me either!
- I thought he was just
performing or something.

- No, I thought he was just
gonna be chilling here.

- Chilling, yeah!
- We came here early, so that's
the perks of coming earlier.

- You snooze, you lose!
Tiny foods!
This is one section of this mansion.
There is a living area.
This bedroom, I just
love the aesthetic here.

I'm usually not a big fan of dark walls,
but I mean, in a space this big,
you can afford to have
some black sections.

Ugh, it looks so strikey, I love it!
Hi guys, it is Saturday morning, 9:20.
I am ten minutes early to
my therapist appointment.

I've got my green smoothie
in this cute little portable
cup that Tar gave me.

I love metal straws like this,
and so I'm really happy I have like
something to put my smoothies in
because I love drinking
them through a straw.

Every Saturday, I try
to go see my therapist.

Normally I see her around like 11:00 AM,
but since today is such a packed day,
I had to do like a 9:30 spot.
Personally, I love going to
my therapist on a Saturday

because it's just like a full day
where I can just relax
and have the day off.

I've noticed that when I
try and have appointments

in between the weekday,
or like after work,

my mind is so congested that
it's really hard to focus,

so yeah, I like to come on the weekends.
It kinda keeps me accountable Friday,
because then I don't go so crazy on Friday
because I'm like, well, I have to go
to appointment on Saturday
and I don't wanna be hungover.

After this, I'm going to Emily's
rehearsal for her wedding,

so a lotta great stuff today,
and then I gotta go pick up my dress,
I got it tailored.
I mean, hopefully it's done.
The lady said she was gonna
call me when it was done.

It was supposed to be done yesterday, but
I did not receive a
voicemail or a missed call,

so I'm just gonna show up and
pray to God that it's
done because if it's not,

I'm just gonna have to like
hagoo something, y'know?

(chill lo-fi music)
Nirmala and Dan.
Today is Emily's official wedding day.
We're at her apartment
getting our hair done.

We've put some baby's
breath on our hair and

I just can't believe this
day is actually here.

The girls are just
having some blueberries.

Okay, I'm gonna show the vlog
how you guys did the baby's breath.
Look how it cascades down!
So cute!
My beautiful bride.
And Andrea has baby's
breath right over there.

(hair dryer running)
Ooh, getting a fresh blowout.
Cherry's here has got just
a pop of baby's breath.

She's getting her makeup done.
(bottle popping)
(girls cheering)
These are the dresses.
This is Emily's beautiful wedding dress.
Reception dress.
(girls cheering)
(chill lo-fi music)
- [Both] Lewd attitude.
- Wedding edition.
(lo-fi music)
(violin notes)
('Wedding March' begins to play)
(crowd cheering)
- [Jenn] Your reception dress is amazing!
- [All] To Emily!
(soft music)
(lo-fi music)
- At the Givenchy event.
'Bout to have some tea.
What's in that bag, though?
(music continues)
Stephanie has chosen this very bold navy.
What do I choose?
- [Stephanie] A coral!
- [Jenn] A coral, of course.
- [Stephanie] Or do one of
these purples, or a brown.

- [Jenn] I like this one.
- [Stephanie] Oh, nice.
- [Jenn] I feel like
this really embodies me.

- [Stephanie] Are you gonna
do your handle or your name?

- [Jenn] I'll just do my name,
I'll do it in the corner.
- Ooh, wow!
Oh, this is not turning out great.
- [Jenn] Oh, no!
- Let's try another one.
- Cute!
I'm back home from all the events today,
and I wasn't even able
to meet with you guys but

oh my Lord, I freaking
forgot my camera in my Uber.

And I cannot even begin to tell you
how many things I've lost
and I'm honestly not a forgetful person.
Actually, I guess I am a forgetful person.
(laughs) How can I say that statement
when I literally have lost everything?
I've lost my phone, I've left my purse,
and now my camera, and
I've also left the other

KAD3I in another Uber, as well.
And the crazy thing is,
I didn't even drink at the event,
so I really have no excuse.
I must say, I am fortunate
that everything I have lost

has been returned to me,
so karma was on my side, but I swear,
karma's probably being like, "Yo,
"I've given you so many
chances to learn your lesson,

"why haven't you?"
But yeah, I got my camera back,
and obviously I tipped
the Uber for coming back,

and ugh, I'm just so thankful,
because this would've been
so expensive to replace.

Alright guys, workout complete.
I went to Barry's and
today was back and arms day

which is probably the
least challenging out of

all of the days, like the hardest one's
definitely legs and butt day.
I think it's because there's just
more more muscle that you're burning and
the last couple days, I've been feeling
kind of under the weather,
especially on Monday.

I think it's because on Sunday,
we were drinking and having a
great time for Emily's wedding

and on Monday I was pretty hungover,
but these days my
hangovers are not physical.

They're mostly mental.
And you know, after a night of drinking,
sometimes your mind just says
the craziest things to you,

like making you question your life,
and making you regret everything.
And apparently they're
called the "Hate-Me"s

and I am very, very susceptible
of getting the Hate-Me's

and it sucks because even at the wedding,
I think I had like five drinks
and I was just wrecked the next day.
But yeah, I finally feel like 100 today.
It's Wednesday and I've got a big week on.
I've got a bunch of meetings today.
Hey guys, so, I just finished my meeting,
and it went really well, I'm super excited
what we've come up with.
But yeah, I'm about to get ready
to go to my next meeting.
And but before I went and got ready,
I wanted to address something because
it's about a certain type of comment
that I feel like every YouTuber gets and
it's the, "Jenn, you've changed so much.
"You have lost your genuineness,
"you've lost your authenticity.
"All your vlogs are either sponsored
"or they're just like, they're favorites,
"or stuff that we've seen before,"
and I mean, yeah, I guess you're right.
I have definitely changed.
I am so happy that I'm not the same person
that I was when I was 23.
I would say that I changed for the better,
but it's hard for people
that are not in my life

to see that I've changed for the better.
All you guys see are clips that I show.
And it's very rare that I really
kind of open up to you guys

because it takes a lot out of me.
I do wanna pour all that out,
but I feel like at this point in my life,
this is all the bandwidth that I have
and I guess it's always upsetting
to read something where
you're trying your best,

but it's not enough to someone.
And I just wanna tell this person that
I'm sorry that you feel this way,
I'm sorry that I am no longer
the role model that you look up to,
but I never wanted to be a role model.
I'm just me.
I feel like in YouTube,
there are definitely seasons,

like seasons where it's more difficult,
seasons that are more effortless.
And definitely like March,
April, May, June, July,

these five months are the
craziest for me personally.

And this is when I had the most breakdowns
in 2017 last year, because it was just
a lot of work to handle.
But I can feel myself getting stronger
and I wanted to address this because
if you guys are thinking that way,
then this is why I am the way I am.
(crowd chattering)
Hello, everybody!
Today is the Eggie Drop Five, cute!
It is the summer collection
and here is one of the dresses.

I'm going for something a little bit
more regal, more renaissance.
We just finished shooting
on this sick Pillard chair.
We've got some blue lights,
and the pink lights,

and it's just like a nice muy situation.
We're doing six outfits today, so
we knocked one down, five more to go.
You guys look so cool!
The fog machine, the lights.
(lo-fi music)
So I just finished shooting my third look
and yes, there is so much goin' on.
I think the theme for this look
is more is more and I love it.
We're gonna change this makeup
and hair though, which is so sad.
I dunno if I did a closeup for you, but
basically, we did a glossy eye,
we did freckles, and a glossy lip.
And Mitchell just added a
ton of hair into my head

and I feel like a whole different
with this amount of hair.

Like I feel confident, I feel very full,
and it's great, but now
we're gonna go on for

makeup and hair, look number two.
Oh my God, so this is our last
makeup and hair look and I'm obsessed.
I've got a blue, glittery
eye and some wet hair.

Hello, Jiggle, hello.
(hairdryer running)
Jiggie is done with her bath.
She's pretty much all dry.
I love using this Dyson hair dryer.
It is amazing for humans and for pets.
And then I give her a treat
because she was such a good girl,
and now when I take her out of the tub,
she is literally gonna be
flying out the freakin' door.

Oh my gosh, okay, I'm just
gonna let her go downstairs.

She is so excited.
Watch, she goes straight, oh my God.
Oh my gosh, she's so excited.
Good morning everybody!
- Hello, everyone.
- It's Ben and Jenn here.
We are heading to the dentist!
- [Both] Yay!
- I love going to the dentist.
I think it's because I
make it like a habitual thing.
I try and go two times a year.
Ben is also getting his teeth cleaned.
- I'm getting my teeth cleaned,
I think I'm getting like a
crown cap put on as well,

which is a long time coming.
So I used to hate the dentist,
but like Jenn said,
it's quite relaxing now

when you're older, you can just sit back,
lie on the chair, and
have some tasty mouthwash.

(lo-fi music)
- [Jenn] Hi, how are you?
- [Nurse] I'm good, are you guys ready?
- [Jenn] Yeah!
Alright guys, so this
is an x-ray of my teeth.

And unfortunately, I'm having an issue
with this molar back here.
So this white bit is
all a filling that I got

when I was like, literally 10.
And of course when you get something done,
you're gonna have to get
it replaced eventually,

and right now there's this
little crack over here

and so I'm gonna need a filling today,
so I'm gonna go get that done.
- You're gonna laugh at
yourself that you were worried.

- [Jenn] Okay.
- I promise you, for real.
- You're right, you're right.

Alright guys, so I'm back
home from the dentist,

and I just wanted to talk about
my experience a little bit.

I have been seeing Dr.
Maddahi for a year now.

The first time I saw him was last June,
and I love going to the offices.
Everyone is so nice, accommodating,
and I love how efficient everybody is.
Like you're in and out.
And my two fillings only took
I think like 15 minutes, and that was it.
The teeth cleaning took
a little bit longer

because y'know they had to really get in
and just get in all the gums and stuff,
but my teeth feel great, and
I'm really happy that
they caught it early.

I think prevention is the key
and the answer for so many things.
Like once you already get to
a point where it needs fixing,

there's a lot to be fixed,
but as long as you just keep a habit of
maintaining things like your teeth,
your health, it just
gets easier to keep at it

because it's become a habit
and it's become ingrained in you.
If you guys live in the Los Angeles area
and you guys are looking
for an amazing dentist,

I highly recommend Dr.
Maddahi, he's incredible.

I will leave all his info
in the (slurring) box.

(slurring) box.
In the description box
below, go check it out.

By the way, description box
is one of the hardest
words to say all the time.

You'd think by now I would've gotten it
but sometimes I'll struggle.
Hello, guys, happy Saturday.
I am actually doing something
really, really fun today.

I'm at the Santa Anita mall,
about to have my meetup with Macy's.
We're celebrating Asian-Pacific
American Heritage Month.

It's so hard to remember,
so I've got the sign there.

But, yeah, we're celebrating this month
and so it's really cool to be able
to come by my culture and meet you guys
and do like a fun makeup demo.
So, let's do it!
(chill music)
(audience cheering)
So here I'm at Macy's,
this is my very official sign.
We're celebrating Asian-Pacific
American Heritage Month

and this is the lovely Macy's fam,
thank you so much for taking care of me,
you guys are the best.
- Of course.

- Look at all the food
behind the screens though.

We've got hot Cheetos, fries, Goldfish
to fuse the heatness if it gets too spicy,
got some fruit.
This is--
Like I love all these snacks,
and you guys know how much I love to eat,
so this makes me very happy.
Alright guys, I am back
home from the meetup

and I just wanted to thank everybody
who came out and supported me.
The live demo was a
little bit nerve-wracking,

but I think we got it in the end.
It was really funny because
when I do live demos, I always feel like
I have to like fill in the space,
but it's so hard for me to
talk and do makeup at the same time,
but luckily, GG was there.
So thank you so much to those
who came out and supported.

I got a ton of hot Cheeto
fries and hot Cheetos,

you guys know me so well.
And also I've got a handful of letters.
I really appreciate when you guys
write those out to me because
I know sometimes meetups can
be so brief and so short,

because we just wanna
make sure that everyone

gets a chance to actually
come and get a photo

and all that so the letters
are where I can really see

or I guess read about
what you guys are like

and I connect with you guys that way.
I'm also in this peach little gown
because I'm heading to a gala.
And I'm very excited to go.
I'm running a little bit late,
I just need to find a decent
coat to match with this.

It's hard, I wish I had a furry,
full-fur white thing to
put over it but I don't

so I just kinda figured this out.
(chill music)
A little update, I am in a dress and a top
and I'm shooting with
the lovely Linna Becca.

- Hi!
- And I was styled by the lovely Kacy.
- Hello!
- Hey!

- And we found this
beautiful periwinkle wall

and we're gonna get started.
- Okay.
- Let's do it.

(chill music)
This is the very glamorous
life of photo-shoot.

Just literally getting changed in a car
hoping that no one sees you.
- [Woman] Basically.
- Okay guys, it is 6:40--
6:36, this clock is wrong.
- It's wrong.
- It's 6:36, nice.
- It's my brother's fault.

- Actually, this is good,
so it always makes you
seem like you're in a rush.

- Yeah, not always a good thing, but.
- You're always early.
- Okay, we just wrapped up.
High-five, guys, everyone.
- Woo!
- Great job, we did it.
(chill music)
Hello, everybody, today is Tuesday
and we are filming for my
Eggie summer collection.

And we're at the farmer's market and
this is one of my favorite
places to go for produce.

I absolutely love their strawberries,
their blueberries,
their hummuses or hummi.

Theresa's getting the
final shots in there.

That's not Theresa.
Theresa, did you get caught?
Did anyone stop you?
No, okay.
- I am not sus.
- No, you're not.
We're tying our best to
be super low-key today

because we have no permits at all.
Hello everybody!
It is May 20th, I am about to
upload this video right now.

And I just wanted to
come in and say goodbye

and thank you so much for watching.
I also wanted to thank everybody
who left such positive comments
on my Crete-American video.
So, I just wanna thank everyone
who was so sweet about it

and it just really opened
my eyes to realize that

so many first-generation parents
have experienced similar stories,
so it makes me feel like we're not alone
and we're in this together.
I'm gonna finish this up
and I wanted to thank
you guys for watching.

And I'll see you guys in the next one.
(blows kiss)
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"You've Changed, Jenn" | May Vlog

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yunni0817 published on July 9, 2018
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