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Right now, I'm standing on the Palestinian side
of the wall that separates the Palestinians
from the Israelis.
According to the Israeli government,
the separation wall is a security measure
built to protect against terrorist attacks,
and has resulted in a dramatic drop
in Israeli deaths and casualties.
It's also a flash point.
There's been a lot of violence here,
a lot of clashes between the Israeli forces
and Palestinians, rock throwing, tear gas, killings.
And, of course, right here the ultimate symbol
of divisiveness,
(audience laughs)
Donald Trump kissing the guard tower.
Apparently, he thinks it's his fourth wife.
(audience laughs)
While we were filming at the wall,
I was confronted by a group of pro-Palestinian activists.
What do you think of this wall?
Is this a normal wall?
Well, no.
I don't think any wall like this is normal.
Do you?
I'm Palestinian.
I do not. Yeah, no.
No, no, no. Not at all.
It's sad.
It's very sad.
Walls like this. I've been in prison
at the end of the day.
You don't create peace by segregating people.
And they can't keep saying,
"Oh, well, they throw rocks."
You've got M-16s.
You've got tanks.
You can't compare that.
There's also another side of it
where there are people who would say
we don't want the Jewish State to exist at all.
No, no. We don't want to accept it
at all.
No, if you speak to Palestinians,
you could go into refugee camps,
which they would never take you, right? Right.
But you would be welcomed.
And people welcome you into their home.
And give you the clothes off their back.
We're on our way to.
We wanted to go to a refugee camp.
Which one?
With the IDF.
No, we're not going with the IDF.
We were headed.
Let me ask you a question.
What do you see as a solution?
As a solution.
Well, one, America has to stop giving Israel
$10 million a day just for weapons.
Once the weapons stop,
Israel has no choice but to speak,
to talk about peace.
And if American people knew where their money was going,
and the fact that when they,
when, when, when our wonderful orange president
got elected and people are very sad that.
Let's not go after him for having orange hair.
Now you're getting personal.
Now you have a problem with me.
It's his orange face.
It's his face.
No, but it.
That got very personal very fast.
Well, here's what I can tell you.
I can tell you that there's no way my 40-minute program
is gonna satisfy what it is you want me to do.
It's not, it's not that. Well, hold it.
Let me just finish.
What I do promise to do is make sure
that people who watch this program
will have an idea that this other reality exists.
Thank you for talking to me.
Thank you.
I hope you. Yeah, and I,
if you're cool with us putting this online.
Yes, we are. As it unfolded.
I'd be happy to do that.
The unedited version of this encounter can be found online.
But to be fair,
I must emphasize we did not have a similar conversation
with the people who dispute these views.
I'm standing here in Aida.
It is one of the oldest Palestinian refugee camps.
And tell us what does this represent?
The opening here.
This is the gate of 1948.
It symbolize the right of return for the refugees.
Our grandfathers, they were forced to leave their
villages, their houses.
So they hold the keys.
After 60 years, we are waiting for the international
community to implement the UN Resolution 194,
that gave us the right to return for our homeland.
UN Resolution 194 came in the aftermath
of Israel's first war with their Arab neighbors.
Whether the refugees fled their homes
or were forced from their homes
is still a hotly disputed question to this day.
The children that live here,
are they growing up in a situation where they have
no expectation that there'll be peace?
We, as Palestinians, we are teaching the people
that we will have peace on this land.
We can live together here.
Would it be possible for me to go in
and talk to some people?
Is that possible?
Yes, we can go.
What is your name?
My name is Jedda.
Do you live here in Aida?
Do you feel like people in America understand
what's happening here?
You couldn't get a visa to come in.
What was your masters in?
Environmental studies.
Very impressive person.
Thank you.
Yeah, best of luck to you.
Thank you.
Did these guys all grow up here in Aida?
Who's the cool one here?
Who's the coolest guy here?
He's the cool guy.
There's always one.
If you get three kids together,
He's the leader. there's one cool guy.
You're the boss, right?
(audience laughs, claps)
What do they wanna say to kids their age in America?
Would they like to come visit America someday?
What would you like to see in America?
Statue of Liberty?
Statue of Liberty?
You wanna see that?
And Trump.
You wanna meet Trump.
That's the guy you wanna meet?
This is the last one there, too.
Oh, my gosh.
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Conan Meets Activists & Refugees In The West Bank - CONAN on TBS

170 Folder Collection
陳冠廷 published on July 9, 2018
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