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thank you for coming to BCA Bank,please come back again
number 2 please
good morning,can i help you?
i want deposite my money
wait a minute
in here you deposit to your own account?
may i have your handphone number?
anything else?
i want change my money into double 20.000 and one 10.000
wai a minute
you want to change your money into doube 20.000 and one 10.000
wait a minute,i will process in my computer.because in here everything have to proces.so our manager can know what we work all day
i will take the money,please wait
this is your money
thank you,for coming to BCA bank,please come back again
thanks you to kimberly and michelle for your help
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346 Folder Collection
Michellelau published on July 7, 2018
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