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22 Sure Signs That Your Relationship Is Going To The Next Level
You never run out of things to talk about- Everyone will agree that love is the most
potent emotion someone can feel.
People pick their lovers carefully because they want to give their heart to the right
Before getting into a relationship, we start off by getting to know each other and figuring
out who you're compatible with and deciding if that person is the ultimate partner.
But what matters most is if the feeling is mutual between both people, and usually, this
is fairly easy to know, everyone can sense if someone doesn't feel the same towards
them or if feelings aren't reciprocated.
For some couples, a sure sign that the relationship isn't going to work is if you both find
yourselves running out of things to talk about and the silence gets awkward, but if the relationship
is going well and the connection is real, you never run out of things to say because
conversation just flows effortlessly.
You'll share inside jokes- Over the years or even months that you've known each other,
with even trying, the two of you will have created such a comfort level that it's almost
natural to have inside jokes with each other.
All the funny incidents and clumsy moments are the roots of the inside jokes.
If you are thinking about them only after meeting a few times, you are entirely ready
to take it up to the next level!
The F word doesn't really bother you anymore- No I'm not talking about the word your thinking
of, but something more serious, family!
Getting someone to meet your family makes most people anxious.
But if you're seriously contemplating it, then you're most likely ready for the next
Or maybe you have already met your partner's family, and you get along great with them.
If your partner gets along well with your family and they accept him and love them just
like you do then that is a great sign it's going to last.
Their friends are excited to meet you- If your partner's friends are excited to meet
you, then that means they probably talk about you a lot to them.
That's always a good sign if they brag about you to their friends and talk about you all
the time this is a sure sign that they are all about you and focused on you.
This means they are interested in the next move.
And even better if your friends and your new love get along with each other!
You use 'we' a lot- Saying things like “we should go see a movie together,” or
“we should go on a trip sometime together,” are all good signs that you want to move to
the next level, and you see that special person in your future.
Using “we” testifies both of you are being tight with each other.
If a lot of activities and plans include both of you, it's a signal clear enough.
She often modifies your appearance- Maybe it's something as simple as buying a new
shirt or coming along with you for a haircut, but she definitely gives her opinions on things
about you.
It means you should look the part when you are with your partner.
It's not good to change yourself for the person your dating, but if they are showing
you what they like and don't like and giving their opinion about things on your looks,
stepping your game up on your looks is only going to make them more attracted to you,
so it can't hurt to keep up with the upkeep of your appearance.
They have belongings at your place- They might come over to your place so often that there
bound to leave some essential items there, like a toothbrush, or a few pairs of clothes.
If this is happening, it means you two are comfortable with each other and are with each
other often enough that it would be silly not to have a few things left at one of your
If they have a designated drawer at your home, this a great sign the relationship is moving
to the next level in no time!
You comfort each other- When your upset about something, you want to talk about it with
your special person and vice versa.
Both of you are emotionally connected that you'll depend on each other for support,
whether it be good or bad.
This is healthy in all relationships; it's always a good sign if your partner comes to
you when they've had a bad day, or calls you when they get off work on their way home
when their frustrated, this means they feel comfort and support in you.
Agree to disagree- No matter how perfect a relationship is, some disagreement is bound
to happen at some point.
But what's important is that the spark that lights up your world doesn't go off.
Of course, you're allowed to not be on the same page and still be in love with each other.
Arguments are going to happen sometimes, and this is completely normal.
You'll always be learning about one another and figuring out how to deal with that person.
As long as feelings stay strong on both ends, you'll be totally fine.
You think their quirks are adorable- When your with someone who has some annoying habit,
something that you could live without but when they are away, and that is one of the
things you miss about them when they're not around.
This is a sign your into the person so much that your willing to put silly or nerdy things
they do aside and just love to accept it.
Quirks are things that make us different from other people, and if the person is really
in love with you, they'll find your quirks to be one of the cutest things about you!
You show them off on social media- Most of us today use Instagram as a place to share
and store our best photos of whatever you're into that day, and if your new love is in
the picture, well that's a good sign.
If your partner is posting photos of you or the both of you together to show off to their
friend and putting it out there for the world to see, this means they are not ashamed of
you and want to show you off to everyone.
It shows that they don't care that other people know that they are taken.
This doesn't mean that if you post your boyfriend or girlfriend that everything you
do is about them or your relationship.
But let's be real, Instagram is for bragging.
People show off their best photos and their best looks on Instagram.
This is so true that it should be in the Terms of Use.
You trust each other- Being able to fully trust your partner is key and one of the most
important things to a lasting relationship.
If you and your partner are both totally confident you have each other's backs then that's
a very important signal that you're ready to take the next step as a couple.
This goes for things like when you both tell each other something in confidence, neither
of you shares the information with anyone even your best friend.
It's difficult to be vulnerable and share problems with other people, so when your partner
opens up to you, it is important that you don't break their trust.
You support each other- There's nothing more comforting than knowing you're with
someone who supports you in all your good times and the bad.
If you think of your partner as your rock that is a super positive sign for the future.
Asking your significant other how they're doing without even sharing your own issues
or problems that day allows you to be totally available to them.
Listening to your lover's problems and lending an ear to them is a great way to get out of
your own head and let your partner know you are present to listen to them, and they'll
really appreciate that.
You both take accountability- One of the biggest red flags in a relationship is a partner that
never admits when they're wrong and refuses to take accountability for their actions.
If you or your significant other do or say something wrong, apologize before it escalates.
If one of you are upset with the other, talk it out without getting defensive.
Realize and acknowledge what your part was and talk what you could do differently in
the future.
This could save you from a lot of arguments and possibly save your relationship.
If you're both able to do these things, then you can confidently take the next step
in your relationship.
Satisfied with the level of intimacy- You can work through intimacy issues with your
partner, but you shouldn't move forward in a relationship if you're not happy with
the current level of intimacy.
Whether that means in the bedroom or outside of it because it won't magically get better
just because you move in together or get engaged.
A good sign is if you physically touch each other, whether it's a kiss, snuggling on
the couch or holding hands, even nonsexual touching helps build a connection between
You're both independent- In any relationship, it's important that both partners need to
have a level of independence and a life apart from their partner, even if it's just a
hobby or activity they like to do on their own.
In a healthy relationship, you can do your own thing without over stressing.
You should be able to do independent activities with friends and making sure you take care
of yourself and your own commitments without stressing or yearning to be with your lover.
Some time apart is always healthy, always remember not to forget about yourself in a
You talk about money- Money is a sensitive subject for many of us, but talking to your
partner about finances is key in taking your relationship to the next step and intertwine
your lives and your bank accounts, if your ready for that, your ready for the next step
when you both share similar financial communication, and there is a clear understanding between
both of you and who will pay for what.
You feel safe in the relationship- Sometimes knowing you're ready for the next stage
in a relationship is just a feeling you have, and you might not even be able to explain
When you start feeling really safe with the person you're with, like you can full be yourself,
and they still love and accept you, it's usually a sign you both are ready for the
next step!
No matter if you've been dating for a few weeks or a few years there's always room
to grow.
If you have felt like you want something more out of your relationship, don't be afraid
to voice it and talk to your partner about taking the next step forward together.
You share similar values- In the early stages of a relationship, it's easy to get distracted
by the fun and excitement.
But in order to move forward into a more serious relationship, it's crucial to find out whether
or not your values line up with your partner's when it comes to the important stuff.
If you do have similar priorities in life, then consider taking the next step.
By discussing things like if you both don't want kids or don't want to get married,
it decreases any misunderstandings for your future together.
Not stressed about your morning look- If you aren't stressed anymore about what you look
like when you wake up in the morning or about having food in your teeth or being intimate
without being shaved, because you know they think that you're attractive no matter what.
This shows your comfortable with each other and don't expect your partner to be perfect.
You are yourself around them- When we meet someone new, we're presenting a version
of ourselves that is carefully acted out.
Most of us don't show our authentic selves the first time we meet someone; we usually
open up later once we feel more comfortable and figure out your comfort level.
But when we let go and show off who we really are it's because we trust the person in
front of us, and aren't afraid of scaring anyone away.
We realize that if people don't like or accept you for your authentic self than they
don't need to be in your life.
If the person you're dating fits most of these signs and loves you for you no matter
how silly or weird you might be, then what are you waiting for?
Break up with the single life and upgrade your relationship status to taken!
It might be scary, but the reward will definitely outweigh the risk.
Your significant other praises you more than anyone else- It's easy to take people for
granted, especially the people you see every day.
But we all do things, and we deserve appreciation and praise even from someone we see all the
The right person will see the good in you, over and over again.
And the right person for you is also always appreciative.
Not only will that make you feel good but it can help you be a better person because
sometimes being appreciated is the main reason we keep trying to better ourselves and grow
as a person.
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SURE Signs That Your Relationship Is Going To The Next Level!

178 Folder Collection
Evangeline published on July 6, 2018
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