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  • After almost 14 years, you might need a brief recap.

  • Welcome to

  • and today we're counting down our picks for the top 3 things.

  • to remember before seeing Incredibles 2.

  • I'm not old, dark and antsy.

  • I'm Elastic Girl.

  • Edna designed this?

  • No!

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  • For this list, we're taking a look at major plot details from the first Incredible movie.

  • bringing you up to speed for the 2018 sequel.

  • You have power, yeah!

  • Baby.

  • Number 3, the first movies premise.

  • Honey,

  • What?

  • Where's my super suit?

  • What?


  • Largely drawing inspiration from the golden and silver ages of comics.

  • The first film created the world overrun with superheroes.

  • like Frozone, super villains, like Bomb Voyage and even super costume designers like Edna Mode.

  • In the midst of all, the crime-fighting is a love story between a super-strong Mr.Incredible, also known as Bob Parr.

  • And the super stretchy Elastic Girl, also known as Helen Parr.

  • After superheroes are outlawed due to countless lawsuits.

  • The Parrs start a family having an invisible daughter named Violet,

  • A speedy son named Dashiell, and a baby named Jack-Jack.

  • While Helen is content with settling down, Bob longs for the glory days.

  • And leaps the opportunities to get back into superheroes game.

  • Show time.

  • Number 2, Jack-Jack's powers.

  • Here the only normal one is Jack-Jack.

  • And he is not even had toilet training.

  • Throughout most of the original film.

  • Jack-Jack appears to be the only normal member of the Parr family.

  • When Helen, Violet and Dash set out to rescue Bob.

  • Jack-Jack is left at home with baby sitter Kari McKean.

  • Kari has her work cut out for her,

  • however, when the toddler's power finally emerged.

  • A subplot that's elaborated on in the short, Jack-Jack Attack.

  • The villainess syndrome tricks Kari into handing Jack-Jack over, intending to race him as a sidekick.

  • This of course backfires as Jack-Jack shows his kidnapper what he is capable of.

  • We've seen Jack-Jack demonstrate everything from molecular self manipulation to laser vision.

  • meaning he could grow up to be the most incredible superhero of all.

  • Campfire.

  • Number 1, The Underminer.

  • If the syndrome defeat at the end of the first movie proved anything,

  • it's that capes are even deadlier than kryptonite.

  • While The Incredibles save the day,

  • the world can only remain safe for so long.

  • About 3 months after their victory,

  • The Parr Family encounters a new villain,

  • who calls himself the Underminer.

  • The Underminer.

  • I'm always beneath you

  • But nothing is beneath me.

  • Drilling his way to the surface, the foe wages war on peace and happiness.

  • prompting the fantastic 5 to put on their masks.

  • Incredibles 2 is set to pick up.

  • where the original left us.

  • meaning we can expect a long-awaited showdown with the Underminer.

  • paving the way for superheroes to make a comeback.

  • Superheroes are illegal.

  • We wanna fight bad guys.

  • Do you agree with our picks?

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After almost 14 years, you might need a brief recap.

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Top 3 Things to Remember Before Seeing Incredibles 2

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    Arissa Wang posted on 2018/07/03
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