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  • Guatemala is known for a lot of things.

  • Coffee, avocados, but more than anything else,

  • it should be known for chocolate.

  • This is a place called, Chocolá.

  • It's known for rain and fertile soil,

  • which means it's an ideal place to grow cacao, the main ingredient in chocolate.

  • The ancient Maya grew it there 2,500 years ago,

  • and people are still growing it there today.

  • (Spanish) My name is Victor Alfredo Diaz Can. My work is growing cacao.

  • I grew up here in Chocolá, working the land.

  • We ferment the cacao, and we get it to a point that's ready to be sold or to be put in the chocolate workshops.

  • The time that it takes from seed to production is very long.

  • We take seeds from the pods, we categorize them and wait for five years.

  • So, after the cacao is grown,

  • it's off to the chocolatiers.

  • Brenda is a fourth generation chocolatier.

  • She makes her chocolate the same way her great-grandmother used to back in the day.

  • And now she's teaching her children to do the same.

  • (Spanish) My name is Brenda Elizabeth Oliva Sicán, and I make artisanal chocolate.

  • The most important point in the chocolate-making process is the roasting.

  • It's best to roast cacao with a wood-fire, not fire with a gas stove or an oven.

  • It's not the same thing.

  • The flavor the wood gives the cacao bean when you roast it is distinct.

  • Many people come here looking for something different, and that's what we want to do:

  • give those people something that they don't find in their country that we can offer them here.

  • This is Fernando.

  • He's a newer chocolatier, taking a more modern approach to Guatemala's chocolate renaissance.

  • (Spanish) This is the room where the cacao paste becomes chocolate in these machines.

  • It's a slow process that requires patience.

  • We make 1 metric ton a month, or 12 tons a year, in this room.

  • Guatemalan chocolate is so delicious because of the cacao.

  • Making chocolate is my life these days. It's what I dedicate most of my time to.

  • With chocolate, the possibilities have no end.

  • We believe that it's important to keep this tradition alive because that's our history,

  • and the cacao that we grow in Guatemala, as we know, is the only one of its kind in the world.

  • Chocolate is passion.

  • Chocolate makes people happy.

  • Chocolate is Guatemalan.

Guatemala is known for a lot of things.

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