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It's so different!
Oh My God
[Intro Music]
I don't...I don't even know what to say
Ryan ( Partner in crime )
Bagel Bandits
MATSix ( Longtime Nemesis )
RaD (The OG )
Great Dog & Gama ( Avatar Enthusiasts )
VRPD ( Visual Reality Police Department )
Puppers & WhiteWolf
Shai, Box and Mad ( Sound Clip Trolls )
You're like...
[ Mumbling ]
Is like you're all grown up for some (reason)
is a...
[ Sigh ]
God! Your like all grown up!
WhiteWolf: "Your reaction to this...I can't wait to see this!"
Oh My God
Yeah, you gonna see this
Yeah, you gonna see this x2
You're just...
you're like...
all grown up
[ Laughing ]
It's crazy!
WhiteWolf: " OMG, your like all grown up! "
YO! It...It's crazy!
No, you don't have any weapons right?
No! You're like...
[ Mumbling ]
like all grown up just like a... a nice girl
are you nice?
WhiteWolf: "That's...That's Amazing !"
are you nice? x2
WhiteWolf: "i'm getting spammed messege right now"
Wha... What are you looking at?
are you nice? x3
Why do you keep looking?
Why are you looking?
When I ask that
are you nice? x4
[ Sigh ]
Stop look...
are you nice? x5
( Do i look nice? )
Dude the physics... [ Flush ]
I can't... I can't... look at that...
this is... out of control
I don't even know...egh...
I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO! [ Yelling ]
What was tha... [ Laughing ]
GET AWAY! [ Yelling ]
[ Hiding ]
can I...can I have a hug?
Destiny: " WO!...WO!...WO!...WO!"
Yeah, I know
Yeah, I know x2
Destiny: " NO!...NO!...NO!...WO!..."
Destiny: "I just...no...I have like...I have like mostly all user name subscriber"
[ In a confusion ]
[ Laughing ]
[ Conversation ]
[ Hugs ]
Phycho: "i kill for a hug :)"
I got you Phycho
I got you bud
Phycho: "Come here burh :) "
I got you buddy
I got you my man
[ Laughing ]
I got you buddy
[ Laughing ]
What's up DaJessen?
[ Laughing ]
What's up Buddy?
[ Laughing ]
(Ah.... I sad your Amusing )
Oh! Thank You...[Sigh]
What did you say don't tell what?
Destiny: "What!?"
What you say!?
Someone: "he sad your amazing!"
Destiney: "SEE!"
[ Laughing ]
If only I ( have ) idea what ( you say )
[ Laughing ]
What da' heck is that!?
Did you made... [ Laughing ]
Is this where we suppose to join Box?
What are you ( doing )?
Put your hands down!
Nothing to be excited yet
You just got here
Don't be up... [ Laughing ]
Is nothing to be excited yet
It's okay
so you complete fine
put your hands up
get excited!
Box: "Did you know I have a screenshot of MATSix hugging me as my desktop background XD"
Jump off
go... jump
Jump... all the way
get off
Yep x2
What are you punching for?
(Bye Nagzz)
Box: "GOOD JOB!"
[ Laughing ]
WhiteWolf: "My normal Internet's out right now, so I use my phone then"
WhiteWolf: "I used to play overwatch with this"
WhiteWolf: "Because..."
are you (serious)?
How did that work?
How is that possible?
WhiteWolf: "and i was doing FINE!"
WhiteWolf: "It was 8 player people brawl all and i won most of them!"
WhiteWolf: "I WON most of them!"
Your a lier!
[ Laughing ]
just says loading 100% on my C...
now that's the...
No x2
No x3
No x4
No x5
Your're suppose... GO back to... go back to team SIX
Go back to team SIX whatever it was
BOX: "I'm...I'm MATSix right now"
[ Mumbling ]
[Mumbling] to college...to college next
( MaTSix bows to Nagzz )
( try to bow to MaTSix )
( punched by MaTSix)
[ Laughing ] Stop...
Why can't you? You're a different avatar be nice!
Be nice now!
Be nice!
[ Controllers ]
Look handshake
Let's make a handshake together
You know what
people would love that
I would love that
Let's do a handshake
Come on!
Let's make one up!
We're gonna have our own secret handshake
It's not every secret when everybody sees...
Alright, so we're gonna go this
Box: "I'm in love with Joey bagels"
Go like this then we're gonna go
and then
( punched by MaTSix )
[ Laughing ]
Puppers: "I like it! I like it!"
I don't like it!
It actually is pretty awesome game
and this is... and it would be good
It'll pick a trial for me
Ah... I watched you guys do it
You know I'm always like...
I'm like I'm what I am is...
To you guys
If you guys want to use get sick or something
I'm like the..the bench guy
You know I fill in so I know the rules
[ Laughing ]
The Bench Guy!
In case things get really hectic
Like like pumpers ate too many
Ah... too much of his pizza bagel things, and he's sick, and he's throwing up
He's like yo, I can't do the event tonight.
I can't... I can't do anything tonight
I'm like y'all!
I'm in!
I'm in! x2
I'm there!
I'm filling in!
Not as good, but I'm there!
[ Conversation ]
Puppers: "I don't...don't think we've ever met...
Puppers: "We might have"
Puppers: "Have we?"
Puppers: "Have we meet before?"
Daisy: "Joey I'm I am friends with your two favorite friends"
Daisy: "Two of your favorite friends"
Who my two favorite friends?
Daisy: "NO you're a favorite friend"
Daisy: "Ah...two of you favorite friends I'm friends with"
Who are my two favorite friends?
Daisy: "MATSix and Ryan"
Puppers: "If you're gonna punch" [ Conversation ]
Puppers: "Don't hurt yourself"'
[ Conversation ]

Puppers: "But punch this so i don't feel anything" [ Conversation ]
Puppers: "Don't hurt yourself" [ Conversation ]
[ Laughing ]
( Punching Daisy )
[ Laughing ]
I like you Daisy
[ Laughing ]
Rakan: "i just join your...Discord"
Yeah...yeah yeah What's up
Yeah, I saw man!
Thank You!
now you liking it so far?
Rakan: "Yeah...Felt for it"
[ Laughing ]
They're pretty ...They're pretty
they're very friendly bunch
Annoying to me tilting at times, but very very friendly
They're...they're funny group
Puppers: "I think I found da...
Puppers: "I found a weakness"
Puppers: "Ah...every time they try to push me, it's it's all armor."
Yeah! you're armed...armed up
MaTSix is nothing...
Puppers: "WO! NO! Don't...not the center"
Puppers: "I don't...no"
Puppers:" I got a...WOWO"
Puppers: "We make a new ship with...because of your stream"
Puppers: "You know Box and Fiji?"
Puppers: "Fiji was inside the Box"
OH MY...OH MY...
[ Laughing ]
I like that!
I like that better!
I like that!
A million times better!
Yeah, what do you mean NO?
What do you mean NO!?
Yes, that's the...that's the...
[ Laughing ]
Puppers: "Fiji was inside box."
Puppers: "He was just...
YO! You hate Fiji?
You hate me?
Me drinking Fiji?
were you jealous of me drinking Fiji water?
You want to be Fiji water?
[ Laughing ] What The Heck?
[ Laughing ] Oh My God
Puppers: "Remove all the words that say Fiji and just put SIX"
would that be...
you want to crush them?
[ Laughing ]
and me!?
you want to crush me like a bottle!?
Box: "So that means me in six"
Oh...When I was crushing you the bottle
BA!!! BA!!!
Bottle Abuse!! Bottle A... [ Laughing ]
It was...
Daisy: "I show you a model that everyone hates"
There is...so...you don't like the BA?
I should be good to the bottles?
Daisy: "This one...everyone hates this model"
why...is that about?
Daisy: "I don't know how..."
What's up! Baby!
I didn't even see you!
How are you?
( Head pats!)
Amy is adorable!
(why Nagzz...)
She's adorable!
OH!? WHAT ARE YOU...!? [ Yelling ]
WHAT DO YOU!? [ Yelling ]
STOP! [ Yelling ]
THAT'S AMY! [ Yelling ]
She's not... [ Mumbling ]
Hey, what did you do?
Did you knock her out?
Oh, your Okay?
Are you right?
You okay Amy?
You're okay
Be nice!
Don't worry about it
ingore...ingore that...
[ Laughing ] s...top
Daisy: " When i first started VR...and I first got... like you know why...sorry..."
Daisy: "Hew...Here's ho...why I started VR"
Daisy: "Because Of You"
Daisy: "And my...my three goals and my VRchat life was meeting and adding"
Daisy: "Three of the special people"
Daisy: "guess who that special people is?"
Me, Joey Bagels and Nagzz21
[ Daisy Laughing ]
Daisy: "No!...."
You don't need to add...no MaTSix!
You don't need to put MaTSix in there
Just me Joey Bagels and Nagzz21
[ Laughing ] see...
( punched by MaTSix)
Ok! MaTSix is one of them! Um...
Daisy: "But anyways You,...MaTSix... and Ryan"
Who's your favorite?
Wait! Who's your...Who's your favorite of us three?
Daisy: "I can't...I ca't do that!"
You gonna answer!
I gonna an...[ Laughing ]
You Gonna Answer!
You gonna answer!
Box: "ANSWER!"
(wait for it....)
Box: "i love Joey...
Daisy: "AH!!!! It's gonna be hard but it's gonna be MaTSix!"
(Punching MaTSix)
Don't even!
It was a love tab!
It was a love tab! x2
it was...It was a love...
It was a love tab! x3
Someone: "That was ******* mean Bagels"
It was love tab! x4
After all the stabbing I go through!?
A little love tap!?
Someone: "Why would you do that!"
All the stabbings I get!!
Someone: "The Little Girl!"
I get all... I get stabbed and shot all the time.
I give a little love tap now all of a sudden
I'm a bad guy
I'm telling you that
this is...
this is... x2
this is... x3
this is... x4
[ Laughing ]
this is... x5
You are faking it, and I know you are cuz when they all look away
You're gonna smile, and you're gonna be I know it
I'm sorry!
I'm sorry! x2
I'm sorry! x3
i'll give you a hug
I'll let you...
You can hit me
You can smack me
Someone: "This is like when soccer players like..."
You can smack me x2
go ahead
You get one...[ Laughing ]
Not multiples!
One! x2
I said One!
One! x3
One! x4
You get one!
We're even!
WhiteWolf: "alright let's let's calm it down real quick
WhiteWolf: "I think for the sake of everyone getting able to play we..."
WhiteWolf: "YES?"
My first ability should be like some... like a called brushing hair.
You know...get cleaned up
and then you'll do like 10 damage by...by brushing your hair and...and actually looking somewhat good
[ Outro Music ]
[ Conversation ]
[ Laughing ]
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[ VRChat ] Matsix is looking... DIFFERENT ( VR )

781 Folder Collection
loen563214 published on June 25, 2018
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