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  • Hi Bob the Canadian here and in this video I wanted to talk about what it's like to be

  • at the grocery store, going through the checkout with some items, and not quite hearing what

  • the total was.

  • And what the proper way is to ask for the cashier to repeat themselves.

  • So let's imagine you've gone to the grocery store.

  • You're in the bread section and you've grabbed two loaves of bread.

  • You've made your way to the front and you're going through the checkout and the cashier

  • rings you through and says, "That'll be $7.45 please".

  • "That'll be $7.45 please".

  • And you didn't quite hear what they said.

  • Now you could just say, "What did you say?"

  • But this is considered kind of direct and somewhat impolite and rude.

  • So you could say "Pardon me?" which is much more polite.

  • Or you could say "Pardon?" which is polite.

  • But if you wanted to inquire about the exact amount you could ask questions like this:

  • "I'm sorry I didn't quite hear you.

  • What was the total?"

  • Or

  • "I'm sorry.

  • How much do I owe?"

  • And the cashier will respond with the amount and you'll be able to pay and you'll be able

  • to make your way out of the store.

  • Well that's how to ask the cashier to repeat themselves when you're making a purchase in

  • a grocery store or any other kind of store.

  • Bob the Canadian here.

  • Thanks for watching and don't forget to subscribe.

  • Have a great day.

  • $9.13

  • $10.11

  • $11.33

  • $14.28

  • $18.70

  • $27.50

  • $142.13

  • $152.80

  • $1,487.12

  • That'll be $2462.11.

  • I'm sorry. How much was that?

  • I'm sorry. What was the total?

Hi Bob the Canadian here and in this video I wanted to talk about what it's like to be

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Using English at the Grocery Store - How Much Do I Owe?

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