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*Clock ticks*
He was so romantic in the beginning.
I fell head over heels for him.
I trusted him.
I felt comfortable with him.
I never thought he would...
I could never really get away.
He just kept coming back for me.
I tried to leave.
It just got worse.
I thought this was what a relationship was.
I thought this was normal.
He came back early one day.
I could tell he had been drinking.
I tried to keep him calm.
But it was too late for that.
Whatever he did
All I could think of was my little girl.
*Muffled sound of couple arguing*
Your confidence goes.
It is a gradual thing.
It just grinds you away until there is nothing left.
*Piano music plays*
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Leeway - Domestic Violence Short Film

177 Folder Collection
Ellen published on June 17, 2018
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