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Cotton candy.
Who knew sugar and air could taste so sweet?
Well, a guy named James Morrison, an amateur inventor whose occupation and taste buds didn't exactly align.
He was a dentist, and during his lifetime, James even became the President of the Tennessee Dental Association.
Don't forget to floss!
But he was also a confectionery enthusiast, with a passion for culinary advancement.
He paired with John C. Wharton, an old friend and fellow confectioner.
Together, the two designed and co-patented what they called the electronic candy machine.
The device rapidly spun and melted sugar through small holes until it was fluffy and nearly 70% air.
They called the new treat "fairy floss."
They introduced their product at the 1904 World's Fair, selling it in small wooden boxes for 25 cents each.
Thank you.
That's about six dollars today.
Fairy floss was a huge success.
In 6 months, they sold over 68,000 boxes, grossing in today's money around 440,000 dollars.
But despite the success of the sugar spun business, Morrison returned to his day job as a dentist.
So, next time the dentist tells you you're eating too many sugary treats, well, blame him!
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The Dentist Who Created Cotton Candy

9147 Folder Collection
Samuel published on July 13, 2019    Ingrid translated    Evangeline reviewed
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