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  • Cotton candy.

  • Who knew sugar and air could taste so sweet?

  • Well, a guy named James Morrison, an amateur inventor whose occupation and taste buds didn't exactly align.

  • He was a dentist, and during his lifetime, James even became the President of the Tennessee Dental Association.

  • Don't forget to floss!

  • But he was also a confectionery enthusiast, with a passion for culinary advancement.

  • He paired with John C. Wharton, an old friend and fellow confectioner.

  • Together, the two designed and co-patented what they called the electronic candy machine.

  • The device rapidly spun and melted sugar through small holes until it was fluffy and nearly 70% air.

  • They called the new treat "fairy floss."

  • They introduced their product at the 1904 World's Fair, selling it in small wooden boxes for 25 cents each.

  • Thank you.

  • That's about six dollars today.

  • Fairy floss was a huge success.

  • In 6 months, they sold over 68,000 boxes, grossing in today's money around 440,000 dollars.

  • But despite the success of the sugar spun business, Morrison returned to his day job as a dentist.

  • So, next time the dentist tells you you're eating too many sugary treats, well, blame him!

  • Awkward.

Cotton candy.

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