B2 High-Intermediate UK 1963 Folder Collection
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Welcome to this Nespresso video
on how to do latte art
with your new Creatista machine.
Fill the water tank with fresh potable water
and turn the machine ON
by pressing the START button.
Push to unlock the cup support
to accomodate a smaller cup.
Place a cup under the coffee outlet.
Rotate the SELECT dial
to select the FLAT WHITE preparation.
It is recommended to use the milk jug
provided with the machine
for an optimized performance.
Fill the stainless steel milk jug
with enough fresh cold milk.
For optimal milk froth,
use pasteurized whole
or semi skimmed milk
at refrigerated temperature.
Minimum and maximum levels
are marked on the inside
and outside of the milk jug.
Lift the steam wand
and position in the center of the milk jug.
Ensure the milk jug is making contact
with the temperature sensor
located in the drip tray.
Lift the lever, insert your capsule
and close the lever.
Press the START button to start your recipe.
The machine will guide you
through the recipe preparation.
It will begin with coffee extraction.
When the coffee extraction is complete,
press START to begin milk frothing.
When milk frothing is complete,
lift the steam wand and wipe
with a clean damp cloth.
Allow steam wand to return to its down position
and it will auto purge to rinse itself.
Pour the milk near the upper border of the cup.
Start moving the jug backwards,
doing quick and short left/right movements.
Then lift the jug and make a line
all across the rosetta to finish.
Thank you for watching
and enjoy your new Nespresso Creatista machine.
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How to do Latte Art - Made by Nespresso Creatista

1963 Folder Collection
Samuel published on June 13, 2018
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