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  • This is Buda, and this is Pest.

  • Together, it makes Budapest.

  • This is the River Danube, this is some paprika, this is a huge Parliament building, and this is some paprika.

  • They have a delicious selection of fruits, and oh my God, there's paprika.

  • Pa-pri-ka, paprika!

  • I mean, it's everywhere.

  • This has to be a thing.

  • This is a paprika pepper.

  • Once it's cut, dried, and grinded down, it makes this:

  • paprika powder.

  • And here in Hungary, it's a big deal.

  • Known to locals as the Red Gold, this spicy ingredient is in pretty much everything.

  • Hungarian goulash, chicken paprika, stuffed cabbage.

  • I mean, in some places, it's even next to the salt.

  • Here at the Great Market Hall of Budapest, well, you guessed it.

  • We have a huge range of paprika from all over the country.

  • We use it for almost every Hungarian food, and it's very delicious.

  • We even have a museum and a festival dedicated to paprika.

  • Really?

  • Yes.

  • Welcome to PaprikaMolnár Museum.

  • My name is Anita Molnar, and I am the paprika historian.

  • Paprika is a very common Hungarian spice that was created about 200 years ago in this region, in Szeged.

  • It is a spice; it colors your food red; and we Hungarians tend to maybe overuse it, but we love it.

  • Originally, it was brought over to Europe by Columbus.

  • Therefore, the mother plant was definitely some kind of a chili.

  • People who were trying it, they figured it was a lot like black pepper.

  • For people who couldn't afford to buy very expensive black pepper, they started to use the fruit of this plant as a pepper substitute.

  • But nowadays, it's not just used for food.

  • Isn't that right, Peter?

  • Yes, definitely we have some paprika soap.

  • You know, the soap has some paprika aromas.

  • It doesn't hurt when you wash yourself.

  • But that's not all.

  • They've got paprika-flavored honey, paprika-flavored palinka, paprika-flavored chocolate.

  • Everything paprika.

  • Okay, back to the kitchen.

  • This stuff may be ancient, but it's on some of the city's most modern menus.

  • (Paprika is one of the most fundamental spice in Hungarian cuisine.)

  • (We prepare plenty of traditional dishes presented in a modern way.)

  • (Currently, we use paprika in goulash soup, chicken paprikash, catfish parprikash and in the majority of our daily menu.)

  • Let's try this.

  • Mm, oh my God.

  • So good.

This is Buda, and this is Pest.

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